Shirt Dress Take 2

This me made may week has been rather successful, I finally sorted out my wardrobe and got rid of all the maternity stuff and there is not much left.

This week might be a bit tricky as we are off to Austria and there is only so much place for my clothes in the suitcase. I am pleased to say though that the children chose quite a few of the mum made items.

However, my main focus was on the dress which I intend to wear on the baptism on Saturday, remember breastfeeding friendly Vintage Shirt Dress by Sew Over It.

So after a few pattern alterations like shortening the skirt by 2cm and elongating the bodice by 2cm (including the folds) and making armhole facings, I was ready to make dress No 2 with the more expensive Hamburger Liebe fabric.

After the cherry dress, I thought I would make this one with the collar in the same fabric as the main dress but already when I cutted out, I wasn’t sure anymore and cut only the main dress. In the meantime I bought navy blue fabric for the contrasting collar (there are small dots of navy blue in the main) but then I decided, whilst it would be beautiful, it would also be too dark for a summer dress. So I consulted my friend. Which made things worse 🙂

I was then not sure if light yellow or beige would be better, bought both and needed another day and lots of opinions (someone threw orange in the pot!) before I settled on…. beige.

When the dress was finally finished, I realised that the initially purchased navy blue buttons were not only too dark but also too big. So I went back to the shops. And came back with really ugly buttons in the main colour and slightly too small orange ones.

So I have now enough contrasting fabric and buttons left to make another whole dress 🙂 I guess I could use the left overs from the patterned fabric to make a contrasting collar.

But lets have a look:

with belt

IMG_4956 IMG_4953 IMG_4950

without belt:

IMG_4958I am very pleased with the result, maybe the waist line should be even lower but then it might go against the style of the dress. And it was definitely a good idea to make facings for the armholes. However, I can’t wait to make a version with sleeves.

And now, over to RUMS to see what others have been up to.


Scrap Sunday: Fundraising with scrap fabric

Today is a bit more serious than usual.

One of my friends is part of a women’s circle which meets monthly. I think it started to support each other in all those little and not so little daily issues but now they have decided to organise a fundraising event to support other mothers and their children – refugees in Calais.

I was very much looking forward to be part of this community event and to contribute time and skills but we will already be away for a team baptism. So all I can do it to invite others to support this project by going to the fundraising event  – a fun family event with arts and crafts, a raffle, food and more.


For those who would like to contribute but are unable to attend, there is also a fundraising page where you can  donate as much or little as you can give. And obviously please share all these links through all your social media thingies.

And whilst I can not physically attend and help at the festival, I have still prepared a crafts activity that people will be able to carry out without me supervising them 🙂 :

fabric mosaic cards

I have been busy cutting small scraps into even tinier pieces, naively hoping it would reduce my stash significantly

IMG_4932Doesn’t it look beautiful?

And I made a sample card.


If you are unsure how to get from picture A to picture B, then check out this brilliantly written tutorial by my first and only guest writer.

Apart from this amazing activity I will also donate two pieces of handmade children clothes. I just don’t know yet if I will make them and donate them to be auctioned or if I should donate vouchers, as then the winner could choose size, style and colours, isn’t it. I am just not sure if that doesn’t get too complicated.

Might be a timing issue anyway, as I still need to make one baptism present sun hat and a dress for the mother of the other baptism team member. And we will be leaving on Thursday. I better get to work now.




Why the working title “Have you ever pressed a prefolded bias tape open?” needed to be changed to “The danger of the seam ripper”

Time for a little Me Made May update. I did manage to wear me made outfits three times this week, but there hasn’t been much variety and I have realised that I can not really combine those items with anything else. The wardrobe remains unsorted but it really has to be done until next Thursday.

So I have mainly been busy working on a dress. I was looking for  a breastfeeding friendly dress. I have used “breastfeeding friendly” a few times in my last posts but what does it actually mean? It is just a normal piece that allows to breastfeed a child without taking the whole thing off. My prefered choice is the two layer look, one up one down. Obviously with a normal dress this would be a bit difficult….

So, I was looking for something with buttons and found The Vintage Shirt Dress by Sew over it.

I bought a lovely vintage-y fabric with cherry print in Goldhawk Road but ended up making a very quick calico version first to not waste the trial fabric and to see if it would actually fit me. As usual, the dress would have been too wide at the shoulders and I also decided to make the skirt just a tiny bit narrower to even out the different sizes my body actually needs. I also decided to use a plain colour for the colour and the facings as I had seen one lovely version somewhere on Pinterest. As it turns out my alterations let me cut out so much more effectively that I saved roughly a meter of fabric.

But enough talking, let’s have a look. (Note: I had to use the self-timer with the camera balancing on some books)




So it is definitely a wearable trial version but lets use it to improve the next version. I am not sure about the green collar.


I think black would have been better but guess what, I do not own black fabric.However, the buttons in black just show it would have been the better choice. Plus, I am not sure anymore if a contrasting collar is really what I want.

The waist is a bit too high, after the photo session I pushed down the belt to where I think my waist really sits and I liked the look much more. So I might make the bodice an inch longer and the skirt a bit shorter.

The finish of the armholes with the bias tape at the inside was new for me. When I read the description I got confused and decided to follow step by step. Apart from cutting my own bias binding. I felt that would be a waste of that lovely fabric. I realised that my shop bought bias binding was slightly wider than the requested 4cm so I decided to trim it and ended up pressing the bias binding flat to make sure it had no more folds! (Title No 1), then I trimmed it and followed the instructions from there.


I really don’t like it, I am not sure if it is only my fault, there was a lot of tension on the binding and I am not sure if it would be that easy to slip stitch it. I might try again on a little sample before ruining the next dress 🙂

I guess you are by now really excited to learn the reason for the danger of the seam ripper title, so if you feel you are strong enough, here it comes:


I had just finished the second button-hole and opened it with the seam ripper when I slipped and slashed the whole dress open over a length of about 4cm. Great.This has been my first ever button hole accident and I usually cut it open with scissors. Sometimes huge fabric scissors. Never ever anything has happened.

I fixed it quickly with two layers of interfacing in between main fabric and facing and then I panicked and zigzagged over it. Maybe I should have thought about other options first. It is not too visible but there might have been a more discrete option. And it is just one of these things, no one might notice but I know it is there.

Up until that incident I thought this might actually be the dress for the baptism not just a trial version. But now that there is this mistake sitting on my waist, I will just keep thinking of it and that zigzag line with eventually burn a huge hole into my dress. We will see if I consider it suitable for the school run. I would definitely get a few looks. After all they only know me as a trousers and top kind of person. I definitely like making dresses much more than actually wearing them.

But enough of me, I’ll send this over to RUMS and will then have a look if others have made things to wear or trial onlys.







Scrap Sunday: Small Toys for Small Hands

There have been quite a few self centred posts and makes recently but in between hours of searching the right dress pattern and fabrics and hysterical messages to friends and shop owners about the Eden collection by Hamburger Liebe I have actually made some small gifts for cute little babies, too. Ok, that sounded very nice and caring but actually it is just as selfish as the me makes if not worse as I am exploring ways of finally turning the expensive hobby into a multinational moneymaking business in combination with fame and glory (I am talking of magazine covers and biopics)  🙂

You might remember the tag blanket I made a while ago. It is a big hit with the baby and in my role as mother I love it too because it fits into my handbag and is made of cotton (well, apart from some of the trims) unlike most other soft toys. And whoever made it had such a good taste in fabrics and colour combination 😉

So I have experimented with different shapes and I invested in rattle and squeaky noise devices and crackling foil.

So far, I have only filled them with one or two layers of an old towel, so they are all flat and I am not sure if I like a flat heart. I think in some cases a normal soft toy filling would make more sense.

This is what I have got so far:

a flat heart (about 13cm wide) with a rattle thingy and one layer of toweling in the middle

IMG_4885 IMG_4886

a heart with a double layer plus a rattle thingy – still rather flat but also annoyingly stiff

IMG_4887 IMG_4888

a star (about 15cm wide) with trims on the sides rather than the edges as I figured that those edges would be delicious to be chewed on so I wanted to keep them free. The strawberry tag has crackling foil in it and in the centre of the star is a rattle thingy.


a triangle (about 20cm on the long side) with crackling strawberry tag and squeaky thing in one of the corners.

IMG_4890 IMG_4889

a tag blanket  (15x20cm) with two crackling tags

IMG_4894 IMG_4893

and last but not least a tag blanket with an applique on one side and two crackling tags

IMG_4895 IMG_4896

What do you think? Would you buy such things or want your babies to play with them? Do you think the sizes are good or would you have preferred bigger ones? How much would you spend on them? Which one is your favourite? Should I already go to the hairdresser in anticipation of the front cover photo shoot? You see, I am doing proper market research here. Next step would be CE certification research and I wonder if it is worth the time and possibly money so I am looking forward to hearing your comments and constructive criticism.  At least they have been a good and fun way to use up some pieces of my oRight, after all that hard work I am going back to looking at the Eden collection 🙂