Terrific top trilogy

Since my last post about tops and T-shirts, I have managed to make a few more. I haven’t managed to adapt the pattern the way I wanted though. I meant to change the raglan line but failed. Very confidently I did cut the good fabric though. Then I had a little crisis. Then I tried to at least safe it and could actually still use the pieces and cut again following the original pieces even though it meant that I had to shorten the front and back.

Once finished, I found the sleeves too short and added cuffs.

My daughter thinks, I look like a child. How silly. I think it looks like a perfectly mature woman in her pyjamas. And what is wrong with that?


As you can see with these contrasting fabrics, the raglan line is not ideal. It would be much better a bit more sleeve and less body.

Anyway, I also made two more short sleeved ones. Here one out of a lovely fabric that is apparently unsuitable for grown ups, too. She’s just jealous I guess.




And since this pattern is supposed to be my new staple T-shirt, I made a first monochrome, too. Well almost monochrome. I tried really hard. Honestly.

I have used a viscose jersey for this one which feels nice and thin so far.



The slightly messed up neck line reminded me that I meant to make one with a little gathered bit in the centre of the neckline. I think this would fall nicely. Next time. But for now, I need to work on other things. Just saying sliiiiiiiightly delayed birthday present.  So watch this space while I go over to RUMS to watch other ladies’ projects.

Scrap Sunday: The upcycling bag

For this one we need to start way back, a couple of years ago ….

Once upon a time…. don’t worry, it won’t get that bad.

Anyway, years ago, I have made a small shoulder bag for my daughter’s best friend. As I quite liked it I made a few more for other friends.

I never actually saw the little girl using her bag. It was always her mother carrying it with this very insisting and slightly scary glare in her eyes… until I made her her own. And one for my equally glaring daughter.

My friend seemed happy. But not only did she continue carrying her daughter’s bag around, she also kept telling me “casually”  that her other daughter really liked those bags and that the poor child was interested in placing an order and paying real money for it.

Around the same time she gave me her daughters old rain coat with the words that maybe I could use it for one of my sewing projects. After years and years of heavy hint dropping I finally gave in and made my first proper upcycling project. A bag made out of an old rain coat. Apologies for not taking a picture of the original rain coat but here is the bag:

I chose a London themed lining as it was supposed to be a bag for a young lady so it needed to be cool rather than the usual childish stuff. I am extremely pleased with the result, think it really looks cool. I am not sure what the girl thinks. Probably she never got it, instead there will be a blond woman running through London carrying three bags and glaring at other people who dare carrying nice bags. If you ever see her, don’t look her straight in the eyes, slowly move backwards and keep your bag tightly.

Oh, and just for the record, I also made another one for my niece who asked for  one for her birthday a few weeks ago.

I suppose my niece liked it… Thinking of it, I haven’t handed it over myself, maybe she never got it and there is a glaring lady with 4 bags running through London…


Spring: Time for new life in my wardrobe

I promised I will be back soon, so “Hello everybody”

Lately, I keep wearing the same 5 tops over and over again, they all have an elasticated hem. I just find this style comfortable but also hiding my wobbly tummy without making me look pregnant when I am actually not flattering.

All of those shirts have now holes and it has become rather embarrassing to still wear them so it was time to get new ones. Only problem is that this particular style does not seem to be in fashion anymore as I really couldn’t find them anywhere. During those 10 min of online research.

So I decided to make my own pattern using one of these almost fallen apart T-shirts and dismantled it by carefully cutting along the seams.

Next, I folded the back and front piece in half in order to copy them. But look:

Note how I cleverly placed a news paper and some lego in the picture to illustrate how I do this creative stuff in between some smart reading and some mum’s work.

Those parts are nowhere near symmetric! I could as well just freestyle a pattern without using any measurements!

I was a little bit annoyed and decided to make a Usedom by Schnittreif first.

I have made two in the past here and here, both with cuffs, this time I made a more summery version with 3/4 length sleeves. I have used a fabric which I have bought years ago thinking it would be a beautiful wrap style dress. I have finally given up on that idea and found the perfect use for it.

Rather satisfied by the result I went back to my challenge to make a pattern for a normal everyday elasticated hem T-Shirt.

In the end I chose the Amy pattern by pattydoo as a starting point and adapted it slightly for my purpose. It is a pattern for a loose  and long Raglan shirt for stretchy but slightly heavier material like sweat or heavier jersey.

My first trial was too big for the thin material I intended to use so I went down a size, still using a fabric that I had once bought cheaply at the beginning of my jersey adventure. I am not keen on the pattern anymore, maybe for a dress but it is not ideal for a top.

I kept the top of the initial pattern to make sure I would have matching armhole and sleeve but I made short sleeves, initially just with a turned hem but then I put an elastic in as well. I also shortened the top and added the elastic. I am pretty pleased with the result, although I do not like the pattern of the fabric anymore. Plus, I do not really like the neck line finishing. I think it is a bit too wide and maybe it would look better with a bias binding type of edge.

At this point, I had still two nice fabrics left to be used for shirts, although both slightly heavier jerseys than the one you have just seen. I was tempted to make contrasting sleeves as I always do for the kids but I do think it might look odd with this particular style. I had slight doubts if I should use heavier fabric for this size and style but gave it a go.

I think the neckline looks much better but as you can see, the heavier fabric doesn’t fall that nicely so it is not great with the elasticated hem. I should have tried a size bigger maybe. And I have noticed that even with the raglan sleeves, I still have the narrow shoulder problem. The seam between front and sleeve should be more inwards to be more balanced. It doesn’t matter with a patterned fabric. I guess you didn’t even notice but look here again:

See? The seam is too near the shoulders, the front should be narrower and it would certainly make a difference with different fabrics for sleeves and body.

In any case I am saving the last fabric for a normal Amy, maybe with long sleeves in contrasting colour 🙂 and definitely by adjusting the sleeve – front/back line.

So, now that I have three holefree shirts for my wardrobe it is time to really throw away anything unsuitable. And maybe make another two or three, maybe in slightly more neutral colours. Oh well, who am I kidding, maybe something in plain colours.

Off to RUMS for now to share with other busy bees what I have been up to.

Heart shaped bag and other stuff

I know, I do not take blogging very seriously these days. The little computer time I get, I’d rather spend watching comedy shows about pumpkin skinned men with small hands and great egos but I will post more often from now on. Really.

A couple of weeks ago, our 8 year old neighbour peeped through the window and said: Wow, you can really sew very well.

Me: Thank you. Would you like me to make something for you? Maybe a hat?

Him, very politely: No, thank you. I have everything I need… Pause(He did not say “Pause”, that is why I put it in italics. He actually paused) But I think my mum would be really happy about a heart bag. You know, a bag in the shape of a heart.

I found that really sweat and whilst I am not entirely convinced that his mum has always been dreaming about a bag in the shape of a heart I decided to make a quick one. Initially I only had visions with heart shaped front and back and a side panel going around. That would have been too much work for something that will most likely never get used.

But then I found instructions on herzekleid and there it is, my version of a heart shaped bag:


The key thing is to sew the sides together first (outer and inner fabric) and then top stitch them together. Initially my opening was too wide, you should really go quite high up.


In theory it would be reversible but I think it might be a bit bulky at the bottom corner.

All in all it took about 30 min to make it, so really not too long for a joke present. (In this case, only. Clearly it is a cute bag and it would also deserve a better execution for someone who would really appreciate such a bag)

Apart from watching you tube videos, I have also been busy sewing, a random selection of things would be the following

a dress and a hand bag for my soon to be 2 goddaughter:





Then there is a belated birthday shirt for a 5 year old:


and another shirt for a mortally offended other 5 year old who apparently wanted exactly that dinosaur fabric for himself. I had just about enough dinosaur fabric left for a hood and short sleeves.


and a tiny applique20170319_104326

I have to say, I really love this one. That red and yellow stripy fabric is clearly one of the best fabrics I have ever bought.

I have lost count of the various dresses and shirts that I have been making recently. I was really trying hard to destash (and get more room for… well you know what)

One particular custom order for a 6 year old birthday girl is sticking in my mind though. She chose two fabrics for her dress that not even I would have combined. One of them I hadn’t even shown her initially, only once she was not satisfied by my first selection of what I thought would be suitable for her.

Voila: Birds sitting on flowers.


To me the birds look like penguins but I did not want to make this process even harder 🙂

And I think the result is not bad at all. The sleeves and the yellow seam at the hem bring everything nicely together. It might not be to everybody’s taste but I think it really suits the character of the little girl.

You are probably a bit bored already to always see the same kind of things on this blog. (and I didn’t even show you all of the dresses and shirts, I told you I need to make room)

I guess you are right, I should really stretch myself. Good news is, I have been working on other projects too. So there will soon be a post about an exciting upcycling project (exciting in the sense of my first ever upcycling project) and a very useful collection of tops for myself to replace the bunch of old T-shirts in my wardrobe as I do not seem to own a single T-Shirt without holes.

And as I have already filled the holes in my fabric cupboard, there will be a really cool looking coat soon. (Hopefully)