children knits

Little Rascals

Here are a few examples of The Little Rascals by Julia Stanfield. As you can see I have used this pattern a lot and my own children, my nephew and nieces plus a few children of friends are now very proud owners of a great jumper or cardigan.

I find the hooded version great for older children whereas the models with collar or without anything are perfect for babies who can not sit up yet.

The first four models are knitted in Lana Grossa  Cool Wool (100% Merino) and it makes it a really great winter jumper. And as pure wool extends when washed it also grows a bit and fits a long time (for older children even a second winter if the size is chosen wisely).

For the other versions I have used Rowan handknit cotton which is just lovely all year round.

The sleeveless ones in cotton are perfect for those days when you do not know how many layers to put on. They keep the body warm without overheating.

... and still the same

The following set of cardigans are knitted for newborn twins, using Organic Cotton, the white one is a christening cardigan made of cotton.

The following cardigans have matching accessories to complete the look 😉

I usually decorate the ones for babies, as according to my expert daughter they are boring without anything.

I am already looking forward to my next project and wonder how it will be.


The raspberry tunica was my first Versa by Shannon Passmore. I used Debbie Bliss Eco Aran which is an organic cotton. For the others I have used Lana Grossa Elastico Big. It is cotton with 4% Polyester. I know I said I don’t do Polyester but I can live with only 4% and it makes the yarn just much more elastic.

I have added some details, my daughter really loved her pockets. The bow is fully stitched on to make sure it is totally safe, also when it comes to washing.

Recently I have mainly decorated them with a rather big flower. I find that works very well with the bold stripes…. which I seem to like as well as you can see.

I find the style really great as it can be worn a really long time, first it is almost a dress and it ends as a normal length top, which is why this is my favourite gift for a baby girl.

Rainbow Dress

I haven’t actually knitted any Rainbow Dress this season but I still wanted to show off some pictures.

The pattern is written by Georgie Hallam and it is a great knit. I have made two dresses for my daugther, one turned out too festive (and a bit big due to heavy and wrong choice of material), so I had to make another one for every day. And as I liked it so much, my niece got one too.

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