My patterns are mainly very simple knits, most of them initially written as little project ideas for my knitting class, but I have also put them into my ravelry store to allow others to use them as well. So get your ravelry account and download them 🙂 (Just click on their names to get there)

It would also be lovely to see pictures of your finished projects.

Alene -Cowl

It is a short yet versatile cowl because the buttons allow you to wear it in a normal circle, a moebius or half open.


Balduin – phone case

This pattern is written for medium sized phone cases but is easy to adjust for bigger sizes. It is a perfect exercise to practise a variety of knit/purl pattern and to sew pieces together.


Chloe shoulder bag

I developed this particular pattern in one of my classes as one of my students was not quite happy with my much smaller original design. It offers two versions, a very simple garter stitch one and one that would require a few other techniques as well.

Daniel – diagonally striped cowl

I love diagonal knits. You can just start knitting in one corner until your piece is big enough – no need for a tension square 🙂

It also makes your item look different from the usual garter stitch crowd, all you need to know apart from the knit stitch is one way of increasing and one for decreasing.

Elaine – a diagonal scarf with pretty eyelets and slip stitch selvedge edge

It is an easy knit and can be modified to any size or yarn. As it is another diagonal knit, it is perfect for varigated or self striping yarn.

Frederick – a hat with ear flaps

Frederick is a pattern for a wooly hat with ear flap in sizes from 43 to 53 cm ( tested on children from about 4 months to 8 years). Because of the broken rib pattern it is very stretchy and forgiving when choosing the right gauge and size.

2 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Ursula, I am starting your Daniel cowl. I am a very visual, literal person and need to ask if you have a formula for the width of your stripes. I can kind of see some and count them out but was wondering what your formula was. Thanks for taking the time to help.

    • Hi Anita, thanks for your interest and your question. To be honest, there is no formula, I knitted very much like I felt and decided then to write down the basic pattern to get the diagonal stripes. I would say it really is down to personal taste to either have very regular stripes or like in my case very different ones (which makes it great to use up left overs from other projects) For example I find it very nice to have a rather big block in colour A, interrupted by a single line in colour B, again a bit of A and then a larger stripe in B again. So the two colours kind of cross over if you see what I mean.
      One thing that I would recommend is to make sure that all colour changes are made on the same side so you have a clear right and wrong side (which might not even matter once you have wrapped it around your neck.
      I guess, I couldn’t help you as much as you would have wanted but hopefully enough to not put you off. Happy knitting. Will you post your result on Ravelry. I always love seeing projects made from my patterns.

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