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I have been really busy the last couple of days and have actually been working on the rest of this blog. I have created a few new pages where you can find pictures of my knitting sorted in categories. I haven’t quite finished yet but please check them out.

I am also working on my knitting class. We are already half way through (and didn’t get as far as I had planned it). But I just thought that I should actually go back to my roots as a teacher, so I will prepare a fun (hopefully) quiz as a form of recap rather than just always ask questions and answer them myself in the end.

And as I will have to slim down the program a bit, I have decided to show them only one increase and one decrease and I am now wondering which increase to chose. I can not really tell which one is the easiest. I think my first increase was  M1L or M1R or maybe both together (which would make sense) and i only got to know KFB when I have started to follow English patterns where it seems to appear quite often. So is it seen as the easiest way of increasing the number of stitches? In any case, we are in England, so I should chose the most common way of increasing in English patterns if I am only going to show one way for now.

Any thoughts on that from other knitters are more than welcome.

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