Working until you break down

IMG_1659Lately I have been working soooo hard, that my knitting needle broke 😉

Well, I took quite a few balls on my trip during half term, only old stuff from my stash and I just started to knit it up (half way through I realised that I was a bit overambitious and gave quite a few balls to my husband to take it back home again and just kept a reasonable amount for the second half of the holiday.)


So I made a hat for myself using up all the left overs from my scarf, a slightly too big hat for my son, for next winter I guess, one little girls dress and a cushion cover. I still need to finish off the boys hat and the cushion cover but I am pleased with the de-stashing in general.

IMG_1658Since I have decided that the little girls dress would be slightly too small (because of the slightly too thin yarn), I have started another one (this is when the needle broke) and I will use the smaller one for the event I am invited to next friday.

I will participate at the International Women’s Day event of the Family Services of the Kensington and Chelsea where I can show my work and talk about my knitting classes and I guess about starting a new career in general.I thought a little raffle there would be fun and as there will be many young mothers the little dress will be a perfect prize. But until then, more work is waiting for me, mainly paper work though I guess.

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