No rush or How to approach your knitting project wisely

After lots of projects for other people, I have really been focussing on my needs this week.

Not only did I try to sew something for myself (well, apparently I am not clever enough to understand the instructions of a supereasy pattern, but that is a totally different story) but I have also officially started a new project on ravelry. And as it is a rather big (and expensive) project for once, I really want to get it right rather than the usual impatient rush. And so far (on day 2 of this project) I am rather enjoying how it slowly unfolds.

I have downloaded the 3in1 pattern by atelier al-fa a while ago, then I did some yarn research and decided to go for the recommended Wollmeise as I had already often come across the name but never bought any of it. According to various online comments it sells out fast so you have to be on the computer when the shop gets updated. So in that case I felt a bit rushed and I am actually not sure if it really is that bad.

Anyway, at the time of my order there really was only a certain selection availableΒ  but I still wanted to finalise it. I chose the yarn for a certain colour combination for the sweater but also bought one or two other skeins just because they looked so beautiful (unfortunately I am unable to only buy what I need – so this step clearly does not file under “wisely”)

IMG_1696 IMG_1700

The colours are gorgeous, the texture is great, it is certainly worth the money. But then I do wonder if it makes sense to use such a nice yarn for a very casual looking design. Considering that I will then wear it in my everyday life as a mother it will soon get ruined as all my clothes. But it would also not make sense to save it for special occasions.

Back to the project approach.

I took the skeins out of the box on Thursday and started to wind them into balls, yesterday evening, I made my gauge swatches. Now, this was interesting. Even though I tried with size 4mm, 3.75 and 3.5, I was unable to get the exact gauge that I would need and the differences where actually significant. So this crucial step hasn’t entirely made me happy. With the size 4mm I am just slightly too loose, in fact the number of stitches was spot on, just not the rows, so I am hoping it will be fine once I start knitting in the round. I have decided that my knit stitches are slightly tighter than the purls…. because then it will be fine πŸ™‚

On the other hand, I find the stitches slightly too loose and therefore not as even as the ones knitted with the smaller needle. Hmm. Might reconsider.

Whilst knitting the swatches and looking at all the beautiful colours I was suddenly unsure about my first idea so I have started to knit striped swatches to see how the colours would actually work together.

I will need two colours for the main section, two for the bottom and one for the middle (which could be the same as for one of the bottom ones, I guess.

IMG_1695IMG_1693Unfortunately, I didn’t get the colours completely right on the pictures, the dark purple is really dark and greyish. It is relatively neutral compared to all the other colours and is sort of a good contrast for all the other colours.Β I like all combinations apart from orange-pink. In this case they really don’t go together although I usually love the combination.

I have now lots of options and I think the design really asks for a colour combination which is not an obvious choice. But to kind of make if open for many occasions I should maybe go for a gentle combination in the main part and keep a loud one in the bottom section with a contrasting middle? Or maybe not?

So, without revealing my favourites at the moment, what do you think? Which colour combinations would look best? I am looking forward for suggestions…. and then I will reconsider everything (including needle size) and hopefully cast on soon πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “No rush or How to approach your knitting project wisely

  1. Wow, I love this top. It’s beautiful. And I don’t think you’ll regret buying good quality yarn to make it. It will look so much better, and will last well. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Properly. Gorgeous. πŸ™‚ Colours….. Tricky…. In the photos, it does work quite well having the big middle section in relatively neutral colours, then flashes of brights for the smaller sections top and bottom. Could you use the beautiful purple and one of the blues for the middle section? Anyway, enjoy every stitch of this amazing project and please post lots. Would it be terribly bloggy bad form if I shamelessly copied you and made one of these at some point in the future? It’s such a lovely top. Enjoy every stitch.

    • Thank you. I actually continued swatching and have been quite busy knitting. Dark purple and yellowish green in the main section. Bright pink and blue for the other “layers”. I found the dark colour would look great in alteration will all the bright colours so I am already looking forward to make some kind of left over project with dark purple (got a second skein, hurray) as a base colour in alteration with all the others.
      Will post a picture of my progress later.
      And I kindly allow you to buy the pattern and make one for yourself πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. PS: Duh! Ignore stupidity of final sentence. I was too stooped to initially twig that this lovely top is one of your own designs. So I have no shame at all in saying I’ll buy it and make it one day.

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