to be continued…

First of all, good news: I have finally managed to create something without any major mistakes.

I made a “rainbow skirt” for my niece and as the first attempt turned out pretty good, just with minor imperfections, I gave it to my begging daughter and made another one for my nieces third birthday, luckily with even less mistakes 🙂

It looks really nice and cheerful, the white rickrack links the coloured panels beautifully. It is almost a complete circle, and with a white underskirt really fluffy and comfortable. And the elastic waistband makes it not only super easy to put on by an independent 3 year old but it is also flexible enough to be worn for a long time. I almost want one for myself 🙂

But back to knitting. A couple of months ago, I was talking about yarn bombing being a big dream and that –  being lazy and cowardly – I might start small by yarn bombing the windows.

And I have finally started…

IMG_1915to be continued…


4 thoughts on “to be continued…

  1. That skirt is gorgeous. Much nicer than anything you could buy, and much more special for having been hand-made.
    Anyway, the yarn-bombing….. I’m soooo intrigued. Is that a pedestal on which there will be something?

    • And as she chose the colours herself, she will have to like it. I shall find out tomorrow.
      As for the window, you will have to wait and see…. or pass here as the picture is a step behind 🙂
      It is not a pedestal, but not a bad guess.

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