Christmas Carrot

IMG_0707aI hope you were wearing your sun glasses this time. Don’t say, I haven’t warned you! In case if you were wondering what this picture of a living warning sign was all about, this is clearly a very gifted actor interpreting a Christmas carrot on drugs wearing a carrot costume made by her equally gifted designer mother.

When they had asked me if I couldn’t whip up two carrot costumes, I was briefly looking for my magic wand  but went then straight to the fabric shop to get some kind of orange material. It might have been the influence of the magic wand, it might have been the very soft light in the shop but I only realised at home that the orange was slightly on the neon side and was a bit worried. But when I saw the wigs that the teacher had organised, I knew that my intuition had just chosen the perfect match.

IMG_0720aAnyway, back to sewing, I haven’t actually great pictures as I did not realise that I should take them before handing over the costume to the teacher (and on performance day it has all been a bit much for my poor camera), so let me just explain briefly how I msde it, maybe I will be able to make a kind of tutorial out of it at some point in the future.

To make sure that the carrot has a triangular shape, I put rather thick interfacing in the hole neck area and folded it down. From the top of the armholes I went even out a few cm to get a lovely carrot shape. I finished the armholes with bias binding, the hem is neatened with a contrasting green overlocker rolled hem. As the whole neck area is actually open, I put in two shoulder straps which can be opened and (in theory) adjusted on the front as there is a button on the main fabric and a button hole on the strap. So it was fairly easy to make, but in the area between armholes and actual neck is not great. I guess, it would have been better to go in at first to have some real shoulders and then go out again for the triangular neck line. I guess, I would do that if I ever had to make another carrot costume. But for now, lets enjoy those two lovely carrots! Merry (belated) Christmas to you all 🙂


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