Yoga bag update

First of all, just in case you haven’t noticed, this is the first post since ages that is not a quickly written apology for a badly done Scrap Sunday post. (Don’t worry, there will be another one tomorrow).

No, today I wanted to update you on one of my many projects I am currently working on (really been working on not just making plans).

Yogastueble’s Ludwig and I thought we should offer a cheaper alternative, meaning for me, one that does not take 4 -6 hours to make. So I have set to work, threw the zips out of the window  (trust me, that strolling cat passing under the window did not look happy – I guess he is not into crafts) and half of the round sides of the initial Yoga bag deluxe model and came up with a simpler drawstring version.

The removable small bag inside got removed as well. And so so so, here it is, yogabag 2.0


The contrasting fabric at the bottom is actually a pocket which goes around the whole bag and is divided into three compartments. There is an elastic band on top which keeps the pocket closed when the bag is fully packet.


As I am making every bag individually, I often develop the design during the making process, so there aren’t any strict rules (apart from the size I guess)… sometimes I am using the main colour for the strap, sometimes it is made of the pocket fabric (pretty, no?) That is what I really like about being a small business. Whatever I have made so far, no two things have ever been alike.

I have also been asked to make a few for men with “dark colours, simple not too much patterned stuff going on”…. that was a tricky one for me. If not impossible.

These were my first attempts:

IMG_3164 IMG_3152

I actually really like them. I have my doubts if they are very manly but they are definitely different from the usual rather sweet and floral ones. They are a bit more on the “cool” side (I guess it is not called “cool” anymore, but I haven’t been cool since a while…. not for the last 37 years I think)

So after these two attempts which I consider to be failures in the sense of not matching the criteria I got from the customer, I tried again to stay really plain…

But surely, I can not make the pocket in the same colour as the main bag. The pocket would not be seen, would it.

And which thread to use? I don’t have any in the exact matching colour, so lets just take a very contrasting one instead.

Hmm, that looks good. Dark (mostly) and plain colours.


Oops, where did that blue piece come from? Someone must have broken in at night and changed it. Oh well, I really tried my best.

Oh, and the best news? I have started to go to yoga classes. To sort out my back problems I am getting from bad posture at the sewing machine.

But knitting and yoga! I will be the most relaxed and patient person! I can feel it already.

Have a lovely Saturday (Valentine if it is for you) and talk to you tomorrow. Ommmmm.

6 thoughts on “Yoga bag update

  1. I love reading your blog but I’m lazy to write any comments but what can I say Cool & absolutely fab choices of designs & colours I Love anything you make. Well done my friend

    • Thank you Muna. That is so nice of you to say. You following my blog is at least one way of keeping in touch in those busy times. But looking forward to meeting you in real life again 🙂

  2. Hallo Ursula, ich freue mich schon immer auf deine Nachricht. Obwohl ich nicht alles mit meinem Englisch verstehe, sagen die Fotos sehr viel aus ! Die neuen Jogataschen schauen toll aus, auch die Farbgestaltung finde ich super.
    Ich freue mich schon wieder auf nächstes Wochenende um deinen Bericht zu lesen (bzw. die Bilder anzuschauen).
    Lg Ulli

    • Danke, Ulli. Ich habe mir auch fest vorgenommen, wieder ein bisschen oefter zu posten. Am Sonntag sollte es ja nur um Resteverwertung gehen, aber ich hab in letzter Zeit noch einiges anderes gemacht, das mal gezeigt werden moechte 🙂

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