New year, new ideas, new projects

I know, I know, the new year is not that new anymore, but I am honestly working on these new projects (spoiler alert: bags of various shapes, sizes and purposes) since a couple of weeks, I am just awfully behind with posting. So lets make the first step today.

One of my lovely friends had seen the yoga bags taking shape whilst I was working on my very first ones and wanted one as a gym bag. Together we agreed that the shape of the yoga bag is not ideal if you do not actually carry around a yoga mat… or a trombone I guess. So I made a bag for her which had  square, well probably rectangular, sides and was shorter than the yoga bags.


I kept the long strap from side to side but added very last minute (I even had to open the lining again) two handles as I thought a bag of this shape and size might be wanting to be carried more like a pretty handbag (my friend later disagreed, but then we both don’t really know what a bag thinks).

I also made an extra easily washable cotton bag for the sports shoes (so that my lovely pretty bag does not get dirty 🙂 )


Inside I used polyester lining for once – it just seemed to be more suitable than cotton. Not sure why though. And if you spy with your little eye something pink on pink you might notice the simple slip pocket I added to keep some important belongings separated from the main sports mess.

I am quite happy overall, maybe I should have added a fancier pocket.

And best of all, I could hand over that bag as a birthday present (request a long time before Christmas) just about one week after the birthday of said friend. Not bad, considering that I have just finished a Christmas present (for 2014 in case you were wondering)  2 days ago.

Ok, sports bag done, there will be an office bag, a crafts bag, a book bag and a yet undecided purpose one – so keep looking for new posts.

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