Scrap Sunday: The left over crafts bag

Just one thing before we talk about the latest bag – for all those who have sleepless nights because they are wondering about the progress of the knitting in this knitting blog: Don’t worry I am still knitting, really. I will soon show you something knitted. Promised.

But now back to bag: This one here is made of lots of scraps, I even had the zip at home, so no shopping of new shiny things had to be done.

I wanted to make a little crafts bag for a birthday girl who seems to be into making things (cutting and sticking things on other things).


I took a rectangular scrap piece of the outer fabric and cut it in half and started all the other measurements from there. Stupidly I didn’t write anything down as it turned out to be a rather perfect size.

Anyway, to give it more volume, I just put two seams in an right angle across the side seams (about 4cm from bottom edge, next time I would do rather 3) and cut off the excess fabric.

IMG_3274Inside, I lined it and added a few simple slip pockets: one big enough to hold some coloured cards. On the other side, one rather deep one (did not quite work out as un planned) for the glue stick, one for some pencils and one for a pair of scissors. Which I did not provide as I am completely paranoid by Health and Safety rules here and I don’t actually know the little girl or her family very well at all. So who knows if they have rules about scissors.

And then I just added a few craft things like tiny sparkly flowers, feathers, … just things you can glue onto other things.

I am extremely pleased with the result, quick, very pretty, a good use for scrap fabrics, personal present, so a total success (did not yet ask the little girl if she agrees on that 🙂 )

I hope you are not yet getting bored by bag posts, we are not quite done yet. But at least the next one will be a bit different, at least in a different fabric 🙂

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