Scrap Sunday: A fierce pirate

After yesterday’s epic post just a tiny Scrap Sunday, alright?

The other day my 3 year old son asked for a pirate costume. Both my daughter (5) and I ran off in excitement to get all the material. I made an eye patch out of dark blue fabric (I actually do not own black fabric! Did I even throw away the left overs from the witches cloak? I never throw away scraps!) whilst she made him a telescope, a pirate hat and a sword out of paper. During this whole process he sat on the table watching us and making a few impatient comments.

So actually he was sitting there like a little king whilst we were both really happy to fulfill his orders πŸ™‚ When I finally realised that and commented on it, he just said, he can’t do it, he is too little. And my daughter said, she didn’t mind as she loved doing little jobs (Note: This does apparently not include tidying up).

Anyway, we had hardly finished, when he changed his mind and wanted to be a fireman. And then a fighter (which means knight). And then a doctor. At this point even the little helper got fed up with him πŸ™‚

Back to the eye patch.I have used two layers of thick blue cotton, a piece of firm interfacing and a black elastic band. I ironed the interfacing to one of the fabric pieces, sew them right side to right side with the elastic band already in place, left a little gap to turn it inside out, closed the gap (when I finally got the position and the length of the elastic right) and top stitched along the edges.

I have learned the valuable lesson that even for the tiniest thing it is actually worth to invest a few minutes in doing some research. It took me three attempts until it finally fit him.


In case you were planning to make one, I would like to point out that the bottom part goes deeper down than the upper one. Meaning that the elastic should not be fixed at the middle but in the top half.

And if you are a bit bored by this meagre post go back to the dress post and finish reading that one πŸ™‚



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