Scrap Sunday: Pick and Mix Shirt

I meant to make a present for a little boy and all I could think off was that boys of a certain age don’t really need bags anymore. I was still looking through my boxes and actually found two big pieces of patterned jersey, left overs from shirts for two small boys.


As I am a big fan of the pattydoo shirt with raglan sleeves and usually make the sleeves in a plain colour, I would have had just enough for a shirt in either of the fabrics. But I was unsure which one would be acceptable for a 5 year old, so I asked the birthday boy himself…. who wanted a shirt made out of both.! An idea which hadn’t come to my mind yet. That will make it even easier to use up scraps in the future 🙂

So to make the pix and mix even more complete, I decided to use two different colours for the sleeves and the lining for the hood and whilst I would normally think that these two fabrics don’t really go together, I am really pleased with the result. Somehow children look always good in handmade stuff. Which then makes the handmade stuff look good 🙂

There is actually just one thing to remember when using this pattern: Considering that my children are rather slim, I think the pattern is on the slim and also short side. The shirt in the picture is size 122 which is usually the size that should fit the model if  not still be a bit big. And actually I wouldn’t say that the shirt is too long (maybe the sleeves, but not the body).






3 thoughts on “Scrap Sunday: Pick and Mix Shirt

  1. Ich finde alle 3 toll, die Farben sind wieder super gewählt.

    Ich finde deine Berichte so super,weil du immer versuchst auch den Außenstehenden an deinen Gedanken teilhaben zu lassen.
    Ich freue mich schon jeden Sonntag darauf,und kommt einmal keine Nachricht fehlt etwas💐😀

    • Danke! Und das Shirt ist auch sehr gut angekommen. Ich hab grad ein Foto von einem schlafenden Buben bekommen, der sich offensichtlich am Abend geweigert hat, das neue Shirt auszuziehen. 🙂

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