Made from scratch

It has once again been quite on here because we have been on holiday and I didn’t even bother have the time to announce it before leaving. Anyway, we had a lovely time climbing mountains, swimming in cold water, having encounters with big cows and celebrating the baptism of my niece who happens to have, by the way, a lovely and very well dressed god mother.

I will really try to catch up on all the things I have been working on (believe it or not but I have been knitting a lot) but for now I’ll have to start with a dress that I made a few months ago as I have at least a few pictures on the computer already. And no, it is not a scrap project.

It was a proper independent project from start to finish. I took my client to the fabric shop and she chose, very unsurprisingly a rather odd fabric considering that she is not a 50s wall in need of a fresh wallpaper. And wanted to combine it with a not at all in any sense matching fabric. (The second customer joining on this trip chose a light grey cotton with big white dots for a knight costume still to be made)

I asked my client to bring some sketches to our second appointment where I tried to find out what she was really looking for and what would suit her type.


Once we had agreed on the final design, I took her measurements and made the pattern and a calico version (sadly no picture of that step) to see if it would fit her.


The next appointment was about necessary alterations and to see if it needed a zip or not. Together we agreed on a zip just to leave a bit of room for growing.

In the next step I started to work on the actual dress but before I could finally hand it over we needed another urgent meeting to discuss the trimming around the neck and armholes. My choice would have been a plain white bias binding but hey, I don’t have to wear it.

So, we have a straight and long upper part in a nice medium weight cotton and a rather bouncy skirt with three layers of frills (each being a full and separately cut circle –  I have used up more than a meter of that lightweight cotton, just for that short skirt)

The bias binding for the edges have a mini crochet edge which make it a bit stiff and therefore not ideal to go around narrow curves and I particularly struggled with the finish of he invisible zip. Hopefully I will do better next time 🙂

In any case it was a perfect dress for the baptism and both, my client and I, are very happy with the result. I wouldn’t want to be the person who has to iron this nightmare though. Knowing the client she probably has some kind of housekeeper who has to do it for her.

Paulas Designerkleid 01

6 thoughts on “Made from scratch

    • Funnily enough not really. This might be her housekeepers fault though who put it not in the usual place… I guess out of some kind of subconscious ironing repression. I will have a word with her. After all, I did make it to be worn and not to be hanging around only.

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