Happy New Year

For me end of August beginning of September has always been the start of a new year, pupil, student, teacher, then a bit of a blurry break where I never new which month we are in, then mother of nursery / school children.

So it would be a good time to look back at what I have been up to last year (especially as this blog is still not up to date, I owe you a few finished projects) but considering the amount of work lying ahead it makes more sense to have a look at the to do list first and do the sentimental look back when I have a bit more time. Which is most likely in…. never.

Some projects I have already started, for example….

+ lots of new yoga bags, deadline sooner rather than later

IMG_3704Not only I seem to be starting into a new year, the Yogastueble will also start its new term soon so lots of yoga bags are needed. I also want to take the opportunity to refill my etsy shop which is currently empty.

I took a rather industrial approach, making them in batches rather one after the other which means that I have a lot of half finished bags and not a single finished one which is somehow depressing so I might just finally finish some off to make sure I could send them off any day.

+ the cardigan for my auntie, deadline not that important but I really want to tick on thing on my list

IMG_3636I got already the missing last ball of yarn and finished the main body. But the sewing together seems to take more time than the knitting.

+ baby blanket for my future nephew, deadline in about 2 months

IMG_3705Knittingwise I am over halfway through but it will take a while to sew those pieces together.

+ baby blanket for my future baby, deadline in about 2 months

IMG_3706Haven’t quite started that one just yet.

And then there is a whole list of things that I haven’t even started yet.

+ knight costume, using a grey cotton with white dots!, chosen by the knight himself. Deadline in 5 more sleeps (panicking already). It should also come with party preparation and about two cakes

+ small bag for my daughter, no deadline but promised since about May.

+ present for a birthday girl, 5yrs, probably a small bag, deadline in about a week

+ jacket for my nephew’s 4th birthday, deadline mid October

+ shirt for my nephew’s (not the same obviously) 10th birthday, deadline beginning of November

+ two to three dolly carriers for big sisters and brothers of future new born babies, deadline end of October

+ coat for myself made of the beautiful woolen fabric I bought last winter. Deadline somewhere between beginning of November and never I guess(I always come last)

+ bag for myself made of the beautiful waterproof fabric you can see in the yoga bag picture. Deadline: definitely never

+ jumper for meeeee, pattern in my ravelry library since roughly 5000 years): deadline baby vomit free time so definitely not this winter 🙂

+ everything I forgot

As you can see, quite a few things need to be done, but school starts soon so I will have more time for work.

For now, I am quite strict in sewing during day time only (I hate the noise of the machine in the evening, once it is finally quiet) and knitting in the evening or in hospital waiting rooms. I guess this is the main reason why it takes me two weeks already to sew the cardigan together.

Ok, back to work for me, back to enjoying the weekend for you.



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