Rechanneling your creativity

As it is already taking me 6 weeks to knit one fingerless glove … to be fair, I have just started the second one …one that is actually unsuitable material- and sizewise for the person intended but nevermind … Ok, where was I? I better start from the beginning.

As it is already taking me 6 weeks to knit one fingerless glove, I have apparently started to use my creative energy in other sectors of my life…. you know, general things like tidyness, cleanliness of newborn clothes, diet of young children and mothers and stuff like that. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures to illustrate those creative outbursts but I took one from the fruit platter I had to take to school for their Christmas party:


I am rather pleased with the result and there hasn’t even been too much early morning swearing involved, really.

As the school holidays are starting today, I am expecting to have much more free time in the next couple of days so I will surely be posting a lot….. It is about time that the 6 year old learns to take care of her brothers, no?!

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