Scrap Sunday: Super cool sun hat and freestyling

I thought, I’ll skip today’s scrap post as I was busy learning a new technique involving scraps but let’s just have a quick look at today’s super efficient morning. (It helps when you get woken up at 5.30)

After realising that all existing sun hats are about three sizes too big for the baby, I quickly started to make a new one yesterday and finished it this morning to make sure he has something to wear on his first day at the zoo.

I used schnabelina‘s pattern and one of the advent calendar fabrics plus a few other scraps and voila:

IMG_4879 IMG_4881 IMG_4880Super cool and super cute! Maybe the self made ribbons are a bit bulky. The main part of the hat is lined, the back thingy (shall we call it neck protector?) is only one layer, otherwise it would be another fully reversible project. I wonder if a lined hat will get too hot but one thin fabric might not give enough sun protection. In any case it looks super cool. And super cute. I didn’t have time to take more or better pictures because I didn’t want to be late for my class. Yes, I spent sunday morning (and such a sunny one) in a class. I did a three hours workshop about Freestyle Machine Embroidery at Tilly and the Buttons in south east London.

20160508_111311view from Tilly’s workshop

Our teacher Sophia, owner of Jessalli came all the way from Dorset to teach us a very creative way to take those appliques a step further.

20160508_101403serious paperwork

20160508_115314first steps

20160508_115230mid work

20160508_123117final result (not my own design by the way)

It has been a fun morning, and so suitable for Scrap Sunday. What better reason to keep the tiniest pieces of scrap fabric! I will definitely use this technique more often in the future, I think children’s drawings would be the perfect templates. I am just not sure what to decorate with. It is a bit delicate and shouldn’t exactly be washed at high temperature on a daily basis. Which is a no for children’s clothes. At least for the children I know. So it is more about personalised gifts I guess. We will see. Anyway, time to sleep. Good night.





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