Shirt Dress Take 2

This me made may week has been rather successful, I finally sorted out my wardrobe and got rid of all the maternity stuff and there is not much left.

This week might be a bit tricky as we are off to Austria and there is only so much place for my clothes in the suitcase. I am pleased to say though that the children chose quite a few of the mum made items.

However, my main focus was on the dress which I intend to wear on the baptism on Saturday, remember breastfeeding friendly Vintage Shirt Dress by Sew Over It.

So after a few pattern alterations like shortening the skirt by 2cm and elongating the bodice by 2cm (including the folds) and making armhole facings, I was ready to make dress No 2 with the more expensive Hamburger Liebe fabric.

After the cherry dress, I thought I would make this one with the collar in the same fabric as the main dress but already when I cutted out, I wasn’t sure anymore and cut only the main dress. In the meantime I bought navy blue fabric for the contrasting collar (there are small dots of navy blue in the main) but then I decided, whilst it would be beautiful, it would also be too dark for a summer dress. So I consulted my friend. Which made things worse 🙂

I was then not sure if light yellow or beige would be better, bought both and needed another day and lots of opinions (someone threw orange in the pot!) before I settled on…. beige.

When the dress was finally finished, I realised that the initially purchased navy blue buttons were not only too dark but also too big. So I went back to the shops. And came back with really ugly buttons in the main colour and slightly too small orange ones.

So I have now enough contrasting fabric and buttons left to make another whole dress 🙂 I guess I could use the left overs from the patterned fabric to make a contrasting collar.

But lets have a look:

with belt

IMG_4956 IMG_4953 IMG_4950

without belt:

IMG_4958I am very pleased with the result, maybe the waist line should be even lower but then it might go against the style of the dress. And it was definitely a good idea to make facings for the armholes. However, I can’t wait to make a version with sleeves.

And now, over to RUMS to see what others have been up to.


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