Row, row, row the boat…

…. gently down the stream

and if you see a pirate ship

don’t forget to scream.

So, the pirate captain (remember?)

IMG_5164 IMG_5182

has been joined by a quarter master (not only did I do some research on pirate organisational structure but there is also a very interesting and unbelievably large amount on the subject out there  –  go and have a look yourself)


matching but also not too matching I think….



Aren’t they cute fiece? I meant fierce. I am certainly not going to make that mistake again! But then, pirate captains are most likely not following sewing and knitting blogs anyway. So lets just look at them again.


Which brings us back to the title.

By the way, all pattern are from the Kinderleicht! Naehen mit Jersey fuer Kids by Pauline Dohmen.


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