Scrap Sunday: No jokes today, sorry

This was meant to be a really funny post full of anecdotes about a certain person in my life who is slightly, just slightly hypochondriac. But to be honest I don’t feel like making jokes these days. I am shocked and sad about the UK’s EU referendum. So many things went wrong, I don’t even know where to start and yet it is so simple. The European Union is like a marriage, built to make us all stronger for the good times but even more for the bad times. It was far to important to use it for silly power games by short sighted little boys on the playground politicians who are then all shocked by the result and its consequences.

Anyway, this is not the place to discuss this, so lets go back to Scrap Sunday.

I found a nice little project to use up some scrap fabric. A little wallet for your homeopathic remedies. I followed the Globbi freebook by madiGreen on farbenmix.

Unfortunately I followed the instructions too closely as actually my homeopathic remedies seem to come in bigger containers than the ones used in the e-book so the result is a bit tight.


Plus, when I ironed it flat before top stitching, the iron was a bit too hot for the woven trim and shrank it a little bit which subsequently gathered the fabric a bit. (a lot of bits in that sentence).

Other than that I am very pleased with the result and I find it an extremely useful gift for people who pick up deadly diseases such as rhinopharyngitis like others catch a cold.


It also reminded me that I should pay more attention to Scrap Sunday and think a bit harder about small projects. So watch this space! (She said boastfully whilst ignoring the fact that The Move was happing in about a month)



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