Scrap Sunday: What I meant to say

It is Sunday evening and I so wanted to write the weekly Scrap Sunday post. Except that it has been a looong day, party with 6 cakes included and I am tired. Too tired to write a post.

I meant to tell you the good news that my former friend is my friend again. Life is too short to be angry at people who were probably trying to be nice when they actually make you suddenly have to question your (sewing and blogging) existence.

I meant to tell you that my sister in law inspired me with a picture of her latest make – a mobile phone charging bag: A little cute bag where you put your phone during charging so the phone and the cable are safely stored away. She hade made hers out of thick woolen felt. Looks really stylish and grown up.

I would have told you that I experimented with left over fabrics and very heavy interfacing as I do not own any felt. I would probably have made and shown you some pictures of the process, including a change of mind pocketstylewise. And I would have taken some nice pictures of the result. A little bag with a perfectly sized opening to put the plug through. With a pocket big enough to hold your mobile phone and he cable. Neat edges.

But I can’t tell you any of this. Because I went to a party where I ate too much cake and Tiramisu. Now I am tired and this is all I have got:


Such a shame, it would have been a gread Scrap Sunday project.




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