Heart shaped bag and other stuff

I know, I do not take blogging very seriously these days. The little computer time I get, I’d rather spend watching comedy shows about pumpkin skinned men with small hands and great egos but I will post more often from now on. Really.

A couple of weeks ago, our 8 year old neighbour peeped through the window and said: Wow, you can really sew very well.

Me: Thank you. Would you like me to make something for you? Maybe a hat?

Him, very politely: No, thank you. I have everything I need… Pause(He did not say “Pause”, that is why I put it in italics. He actually paused) But I think my mum would be really happy about a heart bag. You know, a bag in the shape of a heart.

I found that really sweat and whilst I am not entirely convinced that his mum has always been dreaming about a bag in the shape of a heart I decided to make a quick one. Initially I only had visions with heart shaped front and back and a side panel going around. That would have been too much work for something that will most likely never get used.

But then I found instructions on herzekleid and there it is, my version of a heart shaped bag:


The key thing is to sew the sides together first (outer and inner fabric) and then top stitch them together. Initially my opening was too wide, you should really go quite high up.


In theory it would be reversible but I think it might be a bit bulky at the bottom corner.

All in all it took about 30 min to make it, so really not too long for a joke present. (In this case, only. Clearly it is a cute bag and it would also deserve a better execution for someone who would really appreciate such a bag)

Apart from watching you tube videos, I have also been busy sewing, a random selection of things would be the following

a dress and a hand bag for my soon to be 2 goddaughter:





Then there is a belated birthday shirt for a 5 year old:


and another shirt for a mortally offended other 5 year old who apparently wanted exactly that dinosaur fabric for himself. I had just about enough dinosaur fabric left for a hood and short sleeves.


and a tiny applique20170319_104326

I have to say, I really love this one. That red and yellow stripy fabric is clearly one of the best fabrics I have ever bought.

I have lost count of the various dresses and shirts that I have been making recently. I was really trying hard to destash (and get more room for… well you know what)

One particular custom order for a 6 year old birthday girl is sticking in my mind though. She chose two fabrics for her dress that not even I would have combined. One of them I hadn’t even shown her initially, only once she was not satisfied by my first selection of what I thought would be suitable for her.

Voila: Birds sitting on flowers.


To me the birds look like penguins but I did not want to make this process even harder 🙂

And I think the result is not bad at all. The sleeves and the yellow seam at the hem bring everything nicely together. It might not be to everybody’s taste but I think it really suits the character of the little girl.

You are probably a bit bored already to always see the same kind of things on this blog. (and I didn’t even show you all of the dresses and shirts, I told you I need to make room)

I guess you are right, I should really stretch myself. Good news is, I have been working on other projects too. So there will soon be a post about an exciting upcycling project (exciting in the sense of my first ever upcycling project) and a very useful collection of tops for myself to replace the bunch of old T-shirts in my wardrobe as I do not seem to own a single T-Shirt without holes.

And as I have already filled the holes in my fabric cupboard, there will be a really cool looking coat soon. (Hopefully)



4 thoughts on “Heart shaped bag and other stuff

  1. Fabulous work! Love the colours. The shirts we have from you are the best ever. So happy and original. Love, xk

    • Thank you. Most of the fabrics I am using are from European designers, I think mainly from Germany but also Skandinavian. One of my favourite designers would be Hamburger Liebe. or Lillestoff and Stoffonkel are also working with amazing designers. They are all top quality, often organic and therefore rather pricy. So it is important to use up the tiniest bits 🙂

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