Back from the wild

I guess you have been waiting eagerly since weeks to see me back from my sewing detox stay and hear my success story. Let me just tell you, I am back home since a little while and I hadn’t touched my sewing machine for a whole week. And then only because I really quickly had to make this one thing. A birthday present for my nephew. Surely, I can’t let a little boy wait. But it has only been that one little toddler top. Well, and the three others. But I needed to make them. Lots of birthdays around here. You need to understand.

Anyway, back to the detox clinic. It has really been a success. Throughout the 4 weeks I hadn’t even been thinking once of sewing or fabric or anything connected to it. Not once! Basically they let us explore other methods of crafting to forget the one. The methadone of crafting if you want. And it worked, just look!

I decorated a plate…


painted a picture for my office / work space






and did some work with soap stone. Initially I only made a few random pendants but then I attacked a big piece.





Working with soap stone was so much fun I actually  had to make two more things out of big stones in the last couple of days if not hours…


a foot shaped soap dish20171018_211325

and a modern advent wreath.

So, whilst I am now totally over the whole sewing business, I will still show you the things I had made before leaving, so keep waiting.

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