Lets pretend it is December 1st.

About 24 days ago I took pictures of my new advent calendar to proudly show you that I have finally made new ones. I had to. The little one is 2 already, I would not have gotten away with not having bags for him. But it took me 24 days (or 23 days) to write the post. So lets pretend it is December 1st just for a moment. This would also give me plenty of time to write the Christmas cards I still haven’t written.

Anyway, instead of plain red and green like the old ones


I made now a series of patterned red, dark green and light green. So unlike the old ones where it was two red or two green each day (because I had miscalculated the green fabric and never had 24 green ones), from now on it is one colour per child and therefore no surprise who gets what and always my fault if one of them gets the thing of the day in the wrong colour or pattern. And there is always one who gets it the wrong one, believe me.


(I know, we didn’t only change the bags, but the stairs as well. We did keep the mess though.


But obviously this is all nothing compared to the one I got this year after mentioning that I hadn’t ordered any sewing calendar for me:


If it was the 24th already, I could tell you that it was filled with small art work and vouchers for kisses and story telling but as it is only December 1st, I can’t know that yet.

So, I wish you all a lovely and relaxed December with plenty of time to get everything done in time for Christmas.



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