First communion dress: a question of taste and simple elegance

Yesterday, I went fabric shopping with my daughter. We were looking for fabrics for a dress for her First Communion. She needs to wear white. In other words uncolourful. (I know, the correct term is achromatic, internet told me, but I do not expect all my readers to know that).

We took it seriously and spent ages in the biggest high quality shop in Vienna.

And came home with this:


I guess we can call it a success.

Speaking of achromatic (you should know that by now), in one of my Glueckspakete by Lillestoff, I found a grey french terry. such a nice and crisp texture, perfect for summer.

Since I desperately needed to replace my boring old grey cardigan (without zip and therefore very comfortable for breastfeeding), I made a short Zsazsa coat out of it.

DSC_0283pattern: Zsazsa by Susalabim, fabric: french terry by Lillestoff

DSC_0285I am only partly happy, it suits my needs but I did mess it up a bit. As I am not yet used to my new machine, I struggle a bit with the fine tuning and the meant to be easy and quick seam stretches the hem plus I did not stretch the facing enough so the cardigan looks a bit worn out already. Not enough to undo the whole thing and we will see what happens after washing. I am slightly dissappointed because I could have made a much better use out of this really lovely fabric (even as uncolourf achromatic as it is). But on the other hand, the piece of fabric was really cheap so ideal to try new things.

I also feel, that I let down the really nice pattern so may I please remind you of my first Zsazsa made almost exactly a year ago?


Oh, I do feel better now. But the grey cardigan is not going to stand out from the beautiful creations on RUMS this week.

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