I’ve finally got it

Hurray, I’ve finally got it. The perfect project for my blogging come back.

Do you remember, when I promised you a post about the perfect gift? Back in December (in my personal time scale, not the one that most people use)?

As the post worth being the perfect come back post relates to the perfect gift post we will quickly have to pretend that I have already blogged about it months ago. So, remember when I told you that Mr No Thank You happens to have a dad? Lets call him Mr Big No Thank You? So, in 2017 (a while ago), I had to make the perfect birthday present for my husband as he turned 30 (I think I have mentioned that he is the same age as me?). I thought long and hard about it and settled on a football outfit as he is actually volunteering as a football trainer in the local school. Successfully, I would like to point out. In the sense that they haven’t immediately replaced him. Not in the sense of a winning team. It is not about winning, it is about taking part. But back to me and my project. Do you know that feeling when you thought you had the perfect idea and it looked amazing in your head and then, while you are making it, you are not entirely sure anymore? And it looks actually completely ridiculous. Well, I had this feeling when I was making the shorts.


pattern: PAtom by ki-ba-doo, fabrics: footballer by Hamburger Liebe, black and white not sure

I have to admit, these shorts would look amazing on a 5 year old but remember, it was meant for a grown up.

I was much happier with the T-shirt that looks like a proper football shirt with club logo, name and number.

The logo is the shape of three totally random children walking together. Which I found a wonderful symbol for something like a team or lets say a family.


pattern: Tom by pattydoo. Fabric: Footballers by Hamburger Liebe, rest unsure.

Name and number on the back:


So, whilst I was very pleased with the fun side of the ensemble, I felt that, considering that the 30th birthday is a round one, I should take it more seriously and actually made a – as I would say – very wearable hoody in subtle colours and contrasting piping in the seams.


pattern: Jordan by pattydoo, fabric: soft sweat, bought at Lieblingsstuecke

The whole thing is actually slightly darker than on the picture, a proper dark teal, really nice.


Some of you might now wonder why I am not showing you all those beautiful clothes worn by their proud owner as this would look much better. Well, because Mr. Big No Thank you kindly thanked me before very carefully putting them away, somewhere deep down in his wardrobe. In his defense, it was in june and it was a hot summer so I do understand that he didn’t fancy to even try that hoody to see if it fits. And I should have known better anyway. After all, he is only ever wearing black jumpers. I stupidly thought out of laziness but anyway. And I know, the one T-Shirt I had made for him years ago, had not fit him very well and he did not like the material, too thick apparently (others would call it beautifully soft organic cotton but anyway). And I do know that he never ever asked for anything made by me. So I am not at all bitter. Not at all.

Ok, those of you who are still following might now wonder why on earth I would choose such a story as big come back. After all, it wasn’t exactly a success, was it.

But remember, this was just the back story to introduce the character of dear Mr Big No Thank You who has never ever shown any interest in getting something sewn by his lovely wife.

But then, something happened. Something sensational happened:

One sunny morning mid june 2018, the little one was wearing his pyjama made out of a stripy jersey out of a surprise packet and looking really cute.


pattern: Babyanzug, Babyleicht by Pauline Dohmen. fabric: Lillestoff Glueckspaket.

Mr Big No Thank You looks at it, feels the material and says: Nice, can you make me a T-Shirt out of this?

I almost fell off the chair when I heard that. Then I ran to my computer trying to get more of that fabric. I couldn’t find it anywhere as apparently it had only been in the Glueckspakete. So, I had to find it privately through a facebook group where we change unwanted surprise fabrics. And luckily I got it, about three days before his birthday. And tada:


pattern: Max by pattydoo, fabric: Lillestoff

DSC_0719 (2)

And guess what: He is wearing it sensationally often.

Now, if that story is not worth to be the top story, I don’t know what would be….

but of course this blog is supposed to be about sewing projects, exciting patterns and stuff. Not about silly fussy men who are hard to please. And the T-Shirt as such is nice but not sensational.

Sigh. So once again, this is still not the first post to revitalise this blog.

But you know what? I actually know exactly what will be the perfect project to show you. I knew it all along. But I am not telling you. Not yet!




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