Scrap Sunday: Of parents and children

I guess most of you will know that moment when children proudly present their “artwork” to their desperate parents. Who will kindly accept the offer praising the quality of the “artwork” whilst secretly already hatching an evil plan of how to accidentally lose the thing. After the necessary time to be buried in oblivion obviously.

I don’t know about you but this happens to me all the time. Like yesterday for example.

My dad was supposed to just pass to drop something off and pick something else up, so I decided very last-minute to make him a hat. And one for my mum as otherwise it would be really unfair, wouldn’t it. Quickly, I got to work, I only had half an hour. Oh they would be so thrilled! I only just managed to finish them. Almost. Actually they aren’t completed yet, but my dad did not even have the 5 min so I could close the 2cm openings after turning them inside out. So my mum will have to do that. Which I find very exciting. Could be a new concept for my etsy shop, coming to think of it. Half finished bags so people can get their hands on, too. It is all about DIY these days, very trendy (or whatever the trendy word for trendy is these days).

Anyway, here are the hats:

DSC_1161pattern: Minutenmuetze by klimperklein, fabric: Monster by lillestoff, stripes from stash

My dad is in his early 80s by the way.

As the hats are reversible, the other side might be slightly more wearable but you never know. Reversible clothing is all about being ready for any situation after all.

DSC_1160patterned fabric: Botanical Herbs by Hamburger Liebe

Oh, and these two hats are not the only ones I am currently making. I am doing a real autumn-cleaning in my stash cupboard. Which means that I am making lots of presents for family, friends and friendly neighbours while gently pressuring them into donating something to a charity of my choice. At the same time I am also making random things for the Christmas market of said charity so I have spent yesterday evening with cutting out about 20 reversible hats.


Disappointingly, that looks actually much less than it felt sewing them together. I meant to get them done today but somehow my children insisted in getting food at lunchtime so there are a few left for tomorrow. Or the day after. It is getting quite boring and I am much more looking forward to the cute little baby stuff for my cute baby neighbours. Ok, you got me there, the whole mission is actually only an excuse to sew for them.



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