twin set details

twin set details


I have shown those two cardigans already in my last post but as their new owners have finally made their appearance into the world I thought it is a good reason for a proper post – congratulations again to the happy parents.

When it comes to this blog, I have been a bit lazy lately… I have written many posts…. but only in my head and I really should get them online rather than wasting my time with knitting 🙂

But back to the cardigans. I’ve used again the Little Rascals pattern by Julia Stanfield.

As I made them for newborns I used this super soft gorgeous Rowan purelife organic cotton. I find it really special and as it is discontinued, I will really save my stock for very special new born outfits.

I made these for a set of twins, a boy and a girl, and initially planned to make them completely matching, just in different colours but changed my mind half way through. After all, the whole point of a hand knitted item is to be unique and very special. They have still similar enough features to be recognized as a set that belongs together but each one is individual – like those twins are. They belong together but they are also an individual each.

I decorated them both, the blue one with a simple whale, the pink one with a more eye-catching flower.

flower detail

flower detail

To enhance the floral cuteness of the pink one, I added little flower buttons, to keep the blue one simple, I chose grey buttons and made only one big bold stripe in the middle rather than thin ones like on the pink one.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take good pictures…. the longer I am going to my photography class the more difficult it seems :)I had to give up eventually as the cardigans had to get to the babies before they will grow out of them.

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