Busy Business Bee

I had a very busy week. Businesswise. Well, obviously also familywise but that is the norm so doesn’t count.

So, apart from the observed knitting class (a crazy one, really. Not only did almost everyone turn up for once but there were also 2 new people and 2! who came to visit because they were interested in taking over the knitting class plus an unusually high number of children. It was crazy. But good. The observer was most impressed by the atmosphere in the class and how I managed to do my thing – I guess the poor man didn’t quite expect a bunch of chattering women with small children climbing all over the place whilst discussing numbers on needles and yarns and patterns and how to calculate clever things πŸ™‚ ) – see I closed the bracket so we are back to the initial sentence – I also had a lot of custom orders to be finished.

Apart from about 10 yoga bags (another bracket but just to tell you that the pictures are really bad as taken in a rush this morning so I am not going to show you I think) I also had to knit a woolen cardigan for a little boy except that I didn’t know the parents nor the little boy and their personal taste.Β  Plus it was meant to be a special present, so I thought thatΒ  something classic rather than crazily colourful would be more appropriate.


I have used my favourite pattern for these kind of things: Little Rascals by Julia Stanfield. I am a big fan of top down seemless knits.


I have used Lana Grossa Cool Wool big, a lovely soft merino which can even be washed in the washing machine if you really have to. The shade is amazing too. It is a rather darkish blue for the classic look but it is a melange so there is something going on, it is not just a plain blue.

Just blue would possibly have been really classic. But also really boring, so I thought a bold red stripe with white edges will make it look fresh and sporty whilst still classic enough to not be offensive to someone who does not share my love of less obvious colour combinations. IMG_4610

So that was all nice and classic and precious (wool, remember) but a tiny voice of the little 2 year old girl in me said: “yuk, boring!” and it began to dawn on me that maybe the 2 year old who will actually wear the cardigan might not think: “Oh what a lovely and nice little cardigan in a neutral colour. It will go with many of my smart trousers and shirts for special occasions” so I decided to add a little thing to the outfit which would be more every day nursery style and might find more appreciation from the little boy (obviously without knowing him, I might be totally wrong)

So, this is the Wendebindemuetze from klimperklein with a triangular scarf.

Which leads to a slightly maritime outfit πŸ™‚


or slightly more classic, just with stripes


I like it and hope the little boy and his parents will do, too. And obviously the customer who had ordered the cardigan πŸ™‚


Scrap Sunday: Nothing left or why it actually does make sense to always buy more… just in case

Today I want to show you a project that I am about to finish. Except that I can’t. Because I ran out of yarn. Because I tried to shop sensibly. To avoid huge amounts of scrap yarn.

So, I am knitting a cardigan for my auntie. In lovely Lana Grossa Alta Moda Super Baby Fine, a light, soft and warm yarn indeed.

I found the pattern in the latest issue of Filati Classici. No 8.

Patten no 20 for Solo Cashmere 110. Probably also a magnificent yarn but not only did the local yarn shop not have it in stock when I was on holiday in Austria but it also doesn’t seem the right choice for a cardigan, when I am not entirely sure about pattern, size, fit or colour.

Anyway I thought as both had roughly the same yardage and Alta Moda was meant to be knitted with slightly bigger needles, I could replace 11 balls with 11 balls and did not buy the usual “just in case”

But I should have:IMG_3636


Can you see? Just about 3 cm of the shoulder and the neckline are missing.


Such a shame. But before you panic, my mother in law has already been to the shop and gotten me another ball. Just a matter of time and I will be able to finish. But I have definitely learned my lesson. I will now always buy one too many… just in case ☺

Happy birthday!

matching outfits

matching outfits

It’s my niece’s birthday today so the right day to post about the cardigans that I have knitted for her and her doll. The girl’s cardigan is custom made after a few emails back and forth with my sister in law. And as my daughter quite likes it when I make something matching for her and her doll (like the pictured strawberry skirt, which I find rather cute myself) I thought my niece might enjoy dressing her doll in a matching cardigan.

I really like the design and the colour combination of this “final” version but I had something completely different in mind just after agreeing on the colours. In fact, I was convinced enough to just knit another cardigan which I will put in my etsy shop.

same input - different output

same input – different output

So I have used the same colours but I chose the light beige (linen) as a kind of background colour with wide stripes in pink, blue and green (or raspberry, atlantic and gooseberry). So none of the colours really sticks out, whereas the cardigan for my niece is clearly a pink one with thin stripes in other colours. I find both really nice and can’t really tell which one I would prefer. So up to you to choose your favourite.

For the shop version I have also made a matching doll cardigan and a tiny bag. As far as I know toddlers can not have enough little bags to take their little treasures on a trip or just to play with them at home.

I find those little supplements make hand knitted items for children even more special. You certainly don’t get that on the high-street.


twin set details

twin set details


I have shown those two cardigans already in my last post but as their new owners have finally made their appearance into the world I thought it is a good reason for a proper post – congratulations again to the happy parents.

When it comes to this blog, I have been a bit lazy lately… I have written many posts…. but only in my head and I really should get them online rather than wasting my time with knitting πŸ™‚

But back to the cardigans. I’ve used again the Little Rascals pattern by Julia Stanfield.

As I made them for newborns I used this super soft gorgeous Rowan purelife organic cotton. I find it really special and as it is discontinued, I will really save my stock for very special new born outfits.

I made these for a set of twins, a boy and a girl, and initially planned to make them completely matching, just in different colours but changed my mind half way through. After all, the whole point of a hand knitted item is to be unique and very special. They have still similar enough features to be recognized as a set that belongs together but each one is individual – like those twins are. They belong together but they are also an individual each.

I decorated them both, the blue one with a simple whale, the pink one with a more eye-catching flower.

flower detail

flower detail

To enhance the floral cuteness of the pink one, I added little flower buttons, to keep the blue one simple, I chose grey buttons and made only one big bold stripe in the middle rather than thin ones like on the pink one.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take good pictures…. the longer I am going to my photography class the more difficult it seems :)I had to give up eventually as the cardigans had to get to the babies before they will grow out of them.