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knitted mouse

knitted mouse

As I will be giving my third knitting class tomorrow it certainly is time for an update here since I had gotten a few comments and wishes  after my last post, and this little mouse might actually be a good final project for the class as it involves almost everything we are going to learn, but isn’t too time consuming.

So, I am teaching a mixed group, some of my students have learned how to knit in the past, for others it really is the first time. Some of them have learned it the English way, others the continental…. which is particularly interesting as I am actually knitting the continental way but teaching in England. As there were many new students joining in week 2, we had to start all over again, but I am really hoping that tomorrow everyone will be feeling really confident about the knit stitch, no matter which hand holds the yarn or which way you get it around that needle.

Those who have learned it the English way tried my way at first but after starting a new row, the yarn naturally changed hand and they were back to English knitting.

I was particularly intrigued by an American lady who has never knitted before and therefore just did what she has been shown…. only to wrap the yarn around English style but with the Continental hand. She swears she has never ever knitted before so I suppose it must be genetic… or she has just seen it too often. Anyway, she was determined to do it Continental style even though I told her to do it as it feels natural for her so I am really curious to see which style she has finally adopted.

Some of my students are really ambitious and they show me their work whenever we meet (and some of them cross my way daily). So I am actually expecting some small half finished projects, like a phone case or a pretty bow tomorrow.

Well, that’s about it, I have a few half finished projects myself, nothing really to talk about. But I do hope that I will find some time soon to get some of them finished to show them off here. So hopefully soon more.







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