It was about time…

IMG_1243bigMay I present the first item knitted by my daughter!

It was about time, as she turned 4 this Monday 🙂

For a long time she was happy to knit with me holding and guiding her hands but lately she often picked my knitting up to continue on her own…… not really to my delight as sometimes I really struggled to get the needles back out of the gordian knot

She has also started to refuse my help when she actually knitted with my permission.

Anyway, my sister got her a knitting fork for her birthday and some very colourful thick yarn.

She started immediately, still in her pyamas, unable to eat her birthday breakfast…. and did not stop until the hairband/bow was finished.

As everyone admired her in nursery, she then made three for her teachers the next morning which were all very appreciated.
But today she informed me that she is done with knitting and that I can continue with the half finished hairband on her fork which she had already promised to make for an other teacher …

Anyway, I got the chance to take a few pictures when she was working and I think it is really a great tool to get started as it is even simpler than a knitting doll.

And as even the teacher were impressed by her skills and the knitting fork, we are invited to show them how to knit (me with two needles, her with the fork), once to only her group but then also during the Friday assembly.

I guess a good way to advertise my knitting classes :)They will all send their mummies to my classes.

Anyway, it made me think about my first steps as a knitter. I do not really remember who showed me first or when. I remember a skirt for a doll knitted in primary school. It grew bigger and bigger as I just couldn’t stop. And there was a vest for myself. My sister made a jumper for herself and I wanted to do the same but my mum suggested a sleeveless version as I was still only in primary school.


out of proportion

small and big

small and big

A couple of weeks ago, I have knitted my first soft toy following a pattern from the last Let’s knit issue. It was meant to be for my nephew but my children seemed to disagree and as I found it a bit too big anyway I decided to knit a smaller one…. and as you can see, it has been a while since I have last used my maths brain. I don’t want to bore you with the details of my mistake, nothing to be proud off after all, but the head turned out too small…. which I only really accepted once it was stitched on to the rest of the body. It looks funny and I do prefer the nose for which I have used a few simple stitches with brown yarn rather than knit a nose and stitch it on.

So this one has been the fourth soft toy of my life, and although I do like the rather funny look of them I am still not a fan of the time consuming sewing together and finishing. So I am guessing that those pieces will really stay unique and you can count yourself lucky if you are ever the proud owner of a soft toy made by me 🙂



first impressions

knitted mouse

knitted mouse

As I will be giving my third knitting class tomorrow it certainly is time for an update here since I had gotten a few comments and wishes  after my last post, and this little mouse might actually be a good final project for the class as it involves almost everything we are going to learn, but isn’t too time consuming.

So, I am teaching a mixed group, some of my students have learned how to knit in the past, for others it really is the first time. Some of them have learned it the English way, others the continental…. which is particularly interesting as I am actually knitting the continental way but teaching in England. As there were many new students joining in week 2, we had to start all over again, but I am really hoping that tomorrow everyone will be feeling really confident about the knit stitch, no matter which hand holds the yarn or which way you get it around that needle.

Those who have learned it the English way tried my way at first but after starting a new row, the yarn naturally changed hand and they were back to English knitting.

I was particularly intrigued by an American lady who has never knitted before and therefore just did what she has been shown…. only to wrap the yarn around English style but with the Continental hand. She swears she has never ever knitted before so I suppose it must be genetic… or she has just seen it too often. Anyway, she was determined to do it Continental style even though I told her to do it as it feels natural for her so I am really curious to see which style she has finally adopted.

Some of my students are really ambitious and they show me their work whenever we meet (and some of them cross my way daily). So I am actually expecting some small half finished projects, like a phone case or a pretty bow tomorrow.

Well, that’s about it, I have a few half finished projects myself, nothing really to talk about. But I do hope that I will find some time soon to get some of them finished to show them off here. So hopefully soon more.







Happy birthday!

matching outfits

matching outfits

It’s my niece’s birthday today so the right day to post about the cardigans that I have knitted for her and her doll. The girl’s cardigan is custom made after a few emails back and forth with my sister in law. And as my daughter quite likes it when I make something matching for her and her doll (like the pictured strawberry skirt, which I find rather cute myself) I thought my niece might enjoy dressing her doll in a matching cardigan.

I really like the design and the colour combination of this “final” version but I had something completely different in mind just after agreeing on the colours. In fact, I was convinced enough to just knit another cardigan which I will put in my etsy shop.

same input - different output

same input – different output

So I have used the same colours but I chose the light beige (linen) as a kind of background colour with wide stripes in pink, blue and green (or raspberry, atlantic and gooseberry). So none of the colours really sticks out, whereas the cardigan for my niece is clearly a pink one with thin stripes in other colours. I find both really nice and can’t really tell which one I would prefer. So up to you to choose your favourite.

For the shop version I have also made a matching doll cardigan and a tiny bag. As far as I know toddlers can not have enough little bags to take their little treasures on a trip or just to play with them at home.

I find those little supplements make hand knitted items for children even more special. You certainly don’t get that on the high-street.