Spot the difference

Is it the same? No it is not. As I usually order my yarn online I am often unsure which colour to choose and so I tend to buy too much or too similar colours. Anyway, I really liked the first scarf I made for the shop and decided to make one for myself but I chose the slightly brighter orange and green.

And since I really like diagonal knitting for some reason (which obviously works best for stripy pattern), I went for diagonal stripes this time.


It turned out slightly too narrow I would say, next time I will cast on at least 10 stitches more. (Here is the ravelry project)

But I really love the colours and the stripes and I have already gotten lots of compliments for it.

Ok, that was just a quick post about my latest project but the next post (I am already working on it), will be about something much more creative…. so watch out 🙂

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