24 little doors of magical surprises – door 1

IMG_1340Reading through  the latest posts on some of the great blogs that I am following (Knitting to stay sane and Stitch and Purl) I suddenly felt the need to include blogging to my advent routine. If I had planned it better I could have created a blog advent calendar but I guess that is a bit ambitious…. especially as I am already a day late 🙂

Anyway, we have started preparation for christmas, our advent calendar is made of 48 (2 children) red and green bags which I have actually sewn last year already. They are filled with small things like ballons, fancy straws, a sheet of stickers or some slightly more interesting things like small animal figurines. I wanted to include something handmade, like cloths for the dolls but obviously I ran out of time. I might still swap some of the more boring contents if I ever manage to make something.

And 10 min after opening the first bag, my daughter wanted to go to bed again as she couldn’t wait to open the next one 🙂

We have also sort of made our own advent wreath, well I bought a simple one and put candles and bows on it. And we sing songs every morning and have already started the traditional biscuit baking…. so not that much time for knitting one would think. And I really want to use up some left over yarns instead of buying new yarn (apart from some gorgeous merino/silk from DyeForYarn) But that I will need for some christmas presents, honestly.

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