Door 24 – last bag hanging

IMG_1465So for us it was the last bag we opened – fancy adhesive tape if you want to know.

I guess, one of the advantages of having Baby Jesus bringing presents instead of Father Christmas is that we actually get them on Christmas Eve 🙂

And since we had to change our travelling plans last minute because of an infected middle ear, I was busy buying food and cooking rather than having everything in place and just packing. Never mind, mother in law did the travelling instead, so we will have a nice evening.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!!

Door 23 – something small

As we had the huge outdoor knits a couple of doors ago, I thought the tiniest ones I ever came across need to be shown as well.

When I was looking for soft toy patterns for my knitting class I came across these snails and slugs and always meant to knit them to scare away the slugs that frequently! crawl into our house. But I guess they would feel invited to a party and I should rather knit a scary duck 🙂

One of my friends told me once about a woman who is actually miniature knitting with pins and normal sewing thread.

What I found online here and here is definitely worth to be checked out – as long as you are wearing your glasses 🙂 I really admire these people, I don’t think my clumsy hands would want to produce such tiny things.

Door 22 – the biscuit replacement

This year, I didn’t want to give another bag of biscuits to our very nice landlord and decided to knit him and his wife some scarves.

So the precious DyeForYarn found already some very good purpose.

IMG_1461It’s a handsome scarf knit in a beautifully soft DK merino/silk mixture for our landlord. For his wife, I made a triangular scarf with a few eyelet lines and a lacy edge using a Bluefaced Leicester fingering yarn in a greenish light blue.

IMG_9842Yesterday evening, the whole family set out in the dark with Christmas card and wrapped up present to go over to their house and deliver the presents. It reminded me of my childhood when we had to walk through the snow to bring presents to our neighbours. Very Christmassy indeed.