Door 20 – sharing

I was just reading through some of the blogs I am following and realised, that I am mainly knitting boring “useful” things. Apart from my mountain chain and the odd soft toy, I am only ever knitting things that will keep you warm or your belongings safe. (Ok, you can always argue if a knitted phonecase is really that useful ;))

On one of my last trips to Vienna I came across a few beautiful pieces of knitted graffitis, guerilla knitting, yarnbombing or urban knitting, whatever you want to call it.

I have often heard about it and also seen it on pictures, but seeing those huge knits wrapped around a rather dull and ugly scaffolding made me smile.

I am sure you have heard and seen a lot about it already but how about checking out these: Knit the City, Strickistinnen , Knit Vienna or Knitsforlife… just to mention some of many artists knitting for all of us 🙂


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