knitted keyring

IMG_1589It’s my brother’s birthday and I have decided to use the miniature knit that I meant to put into his Christmas cracker (before I knew we would not be able to fly back home).

It is meant to be a bottle of a local beer brand, I tried to imitate it’s rather unusual shape (but failed a bit) and embroidered (rather than knitted) the labels in red and gold. Which is really the very lazy version of the original label but it was after a whole series of very tiring miniature knits…

I bought a cheap keyring, cut the plastic tag off and fiddled the small linking ring through one stitch of the bottle.

And since this is not really a proper birthday present, I knitted yet another hat, still in Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky.

IMG_1587_edited-1I guess the trauma is slowly turning into some kind of obsession đŸ™‚


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