aaaand another one

Guess what, Elaine is not alone!

As my children needed new hats, I have also been busy knitting hats. As every previous year it was a bit of trial and error, as I couldn’t find any useful information in my ravelry notes about hats from previous years. Just pictures but nothing about stitch numbers, yarn or needle size used.  So, I meant to do it slightly differently this year. And I wrote down all numbers. And made a chart. Only to discover sort of a pattern. And as the kick in the derriere I had already mentioned in my Elaine post was still fresh, I decided to write down this pattern, too and extend it to a range of sizes, one of them I even test knitted for a small baby head. I was too lazy to look for someone older to verify the missing bigger sizes.

Anyway, here comes Frederick – a not so glamorous but warm woolly hat with ear flaps. Just right for the ending season.

You’ll find the pattern on ravelry. It might be a little late for this season but the next winter will be coming at some point so you better get ready soon.

Scrap Sunday: and yet another neck warmer

I am really trying to post more often, I have so many exciting things going on. And a lovely babysitter which would normally allow me to sew, just sew, every Monday from 9 to 12.
So, I am very excited and started several projects at the same time: The BIB project (sounds like a new and upcoming indie pop band but really it is about creating the perfect bib before the young man outgrows his reflux), a little red riding hood costume with added welt pockets to practice welt pockets before making my own coat, the perfect breastfeeding top that is not a pregnancy-breastfeeding combo as I am NOT pregnant anymore and certainly do not want to look like it, a couple of baby presents for all these babies recently born, a knitted dress for my niece’s first birthday and a knitted cardigan for a 2 year old (an actual order!)
I should be able to finish all of them tomorrow between 9 and 12, no?
And I will write 500 posts about them in the next couple of days. To be ready for new projects next Monday.

But back to Scrap Sunday.
I was lucky enough to get my preordered copy of Kinderleicht! Naehen mit Jersey fuer Babys and Kids by Pauline Dohmen (klimperklein) a couple of weeks ago (oh, I almost forgot, you can add a babycoat to my list) and finally managed to make a little triangular scarf out of left over fabrics. It is very pretty. I didn’t intend to let Mr. Reflux wear it as it would be a waste, plus it is a bit unsuitable for our needs. But it is pretty and I kind of want to keep it for myself him.
So we will see. But I really made it to be teamed up with a little hat and to go to one of those new babies as a welcome present.


IMG_4519As you can see, it is double sided and therefore reversible.  And will make a perfect little baby present together with one of klimperkleins cute little hats, like these if you remember:

IMG_3928 IMG_3914

I seem to not have shown you our current one yet, we are getting lots of compliments for this one. Also a proper Scrap Hat, actually:


Scrap Sunday: It’s raining hats

First of all, a couple of months ago, against all my objections I opened a Facebook account to be able to connect with others to save our nursery. And as too many people have been annoying me to open a page for Facebook Atelier Oursonne, I have finally done that and created a few albums with pictures of previous projects. So like it or not but if you are on facebook, please share it with your friends 🙂

But back to the actual purpose of this post: Scrap Sunday

When I bought my e-book for the children jacket from klimperklein, I just couldn’t resist a few of the other e-books. So I also bought two for hats:

One for baby hats which you can tie under the chin and one for older ones with lots of variations.

Obviously these hats are great scrap projects and I have already made one for each of my children.

Although I have to admit that for the two big ones I had to cut into newly bought huge pieces of fabric, so not quite a scrap piece. I bought them to make onesies pyjamas to be ready for chilly nights but haven’t found the right pattern just yet.

IMG_3916I was really trying to convince my children to use more contrasting fabrics inside but they both went for the most boring possible option. Such a disappointment. I will never ever make anything for them. Ever. At least I am not going to ask them their opinion again. Ever.

I have also realised that actually a newborn will not like the hat to be tied under his chin, so I quickly made a new one without straps. Unfortunately there was no more blue jersey left (as I had been forced to use it for the pirate one!) so I ended up with another stripy fabric and in theory it can be worn both sides but I think the blue and red one might be too strong colours for the very newborn. I guess we will find out in a couple of days. 🙂 IMG_3926 IMG_3927In any case, those stripy fabrics are the softest ones you could possibly imagine and I want to make myself a huge whole body suit out of it and spend all day in it 🙂 And I am so close to buy all of the existing colour combinations.

And as I really like those baby hats, I made quickly one for my baby niece.


The fabric had once been chosen by another niece for a shirt. But I think she wouldn’t find it “cool” so it is better used for a baby hat. It is lovely to see how these things travel through the family.

I have a feeling that I need to cover a few more ears 🙂



knitted keyring

IMG_1589It’s my brother’s birthday and I have decided to use the miniature knit that I meant to put into his Christmas cracker (before I knew we would not be able to fly back home).

It is meant to be a bottle of a local beer brand, I tried to imitate it’s rather unusual shape (but failed a bit) and embroidered (rather than knitted) the labels in red and gold. Which is really the very lazy version of the original label but it was after a whole series of very tiring miniature knits…

I bought a cheap keyring, cut the plastic tag off and fiddled the small linking ring through one stitch of the bottle.

And since this is not really a proper birthday present, I knitted yet another hat, still in Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky.

IMG_1587_edited-1I guess the trauma is slowly turning into some kind of obsession 🙂