How to take good pictures of your knitting

I have a fairly long to do list at the moment and one of the things on it is obviously “writing clever posts on my blog” so today I want to share my thoughts about an important part of knitting and blogging…. taking good pictures.

So here goes.

1. Don’t plan your photo shoot ahead. Just do it.

2. Don’t look for the perfect location. Just take the pictures where it is convenient for you, for example your back garden. A nice location will just draw away attention from your knitting.

3. Don’t wait for the sun. It will just overexpose the picture.

4. Just throw your knitted object over railings or a coat hanger. It will show its full glory all by itself.

5. Ask someone to pose in your pictures who wants privacy and doesn’t want her face everywhere on the internet. If that applies to you, just do it yourself.

6. Take the pictures yourself. Don’t ask anybody for help. They will just do it wrongly anyway.

6. Use a fancy camera with lots of buttons on it. You’ll find out eventually what they are for. If Point 5 applies to you, use the automatic release… if you can find it.

7. Alter the picture on the computer, change colour temperature, exposure, clarity, contrast,… whatever you want. But most importantly cut that head of your model off. The picture will look so much better without a person in it.

8. Be proud of yourself and decide to put “writing clever posts on my blog” on top of your to do list.

See, not that bad 🙂

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