Wer will mich – looking for a new home

Hello, hello, I am back.

I have gone all quiet since the holidays mainly due to a lack of inspiration…. which also resulted in two rather lukewarm scarf projects. Don’t get me wrong, the patterns are both lovely, I have used beautiful yarn in both cases, but I’ve got the sizing wrong and it is just not quite right for me and my neck. So I am thinking of finding a new home for them. A bit like Edith Klinger’s Wer will mich? for those Austrian readers πŸ™‚

So, first of all, we have a lovely Trillian by Martina Behm – a narrow, slightly asymmetric triangular shawlette with an eyelet border in a luxury silk/merino yarn by Dye For Yarn in green tones. It is about 190cm long and 30cm wide at the widest point.

The problem I have with it is that it is not quite big enough (because I had much less yarn than suggested). Wrapping it around my neck only once, leaves long ends, but wrapping it around twice is not quite possible. Especially as it is asymmetric.


The other lovely shawlette looking for a new home is a Lintilla, again by Martina Behm, again a slightly asymmetric, rather narrow triangle but with ruffles instead of eyelets. I have used a gorgeous bluish green 100% merino wool by Wollmeise but it is as well slightly too short (or too long, depending how often you want to wrap it around your neck). It is about 195cm long and about 26cm wideat the widest point.


So, if you think that you are the right person to take care of one of these (or you know a person who would be able to offer one of them a good home), please leave me a quick comment, explaining why you are the right person and I will be happy to post it to you.

If there is more than one person interested in one of them, random.org will have to decide.

And if you are wondering why I keep knitting too small things: I guess it was a deadly combination of lack of commitment, lack of patience and lack of a good kitchen scale to wait for the right moment to start the end sections πŸ™‚

After such a long break, the start of the new school term is a good time for me to take things more seriously again (I have already, just a bit behind with the posting). I guess I am still a teacher, going from september to september rather than january to january πŸ™‚





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