same old, same old

A couple of months ago I knitted this flower head band.

moss stitch hairband with flower

moss stitch hairband with flower

Half a year later I am still working on the same kind of things, how boring 🙂


I am currently trying out my new overlocker, a Bernina 800DL. It came with a free class which I haven’t been able to take (yet).

Anyway, I made this hairband with a little left over jersey stripe and just decorated it with a jerseyflower. I didn’t even bother cutting it nicely just wrapped it around my daughters head to see if it would be long enough and sew it together. As it is fairly pretty, I feel a bit ashamed and will definitely make another one properly. Might make a tutorial out of it.

In the meantime, I am enjoying my prettily dressed children, both wearing freshly overlocked jersey stuff with patterns from pattydoo, the website, pattern designer, blogger,…. I mentioned in my last post already.

I bought the patterned fabrics a couple of months ago, maybe even last summer, at Stoffsalon in Vienna, a little bit expensive for people who get everything dirty within minutes but gorgeous. The plain colours are from Shepherd’s Bush where I have definitely not seen anything as nice as those more expensive ones.

Now that I have practised on children’s cloths I will definitely make a jersey top for myself.

And the knitting (since this is supposed to be a knitting blog)? I am currently working on a Lintilla by Martina Behm in a greenish Wollmeise Merino from my stash. Lovely scarf it will be but I mainly don’t really know what to knit next. I guess I am in a knitting midlife crises. Suggestions welcome 🙂



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