back to school

After my rather successful attempts of making these shirts for my children at the beginning of the summer, I wanted to practice more with my lovely shiny overlocker and made shirts for my nephew and nieces from fabrics that they had chosen themselves. For me, the start into a new school year is still linked with new clothes and so I thought it would be a good excuse to make all of them one with no birthday in sight.

I have used the same pattydoo pattern, with a little variation on the biggest shirt as my nephew didn’t want a hood. Goodness, a normal neckline is actually more difficult than sewing a hood on.

IMG_2331IMG_2335IMG_2334IMG_2333IMG_2332I wanted to wait with this post until they had received the parcel and tried the shirts on but as it seems they are delivered via snail mail and haven’t arrived at their destination yet.

I only hope that parcel didn’t get lost, that would be rather …ahem … disappointing.

I really love all the fabrics that they had chosen and I am thinking hard what to do with the rather little pieces that I have left….

2 thoughts on “back to school

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