Scrap sunday – The challenge

One of my new years resolutions was to stop buying yarn without any reason and to try using up my stash instead and so far I have done fairly well. I did buy a few balls here and there but they were for specific projects and and are more or less used up. Unfortunately, I did not apply this to fabric buying and so I ended up with quite a bit a lot of fabric. If I really like a fabric, I tend to buy more than required, just in case…. and as I don’t even throw away the smallest bits, I ended up with boxes full of fabric.

Anyway, I have decided to step up a gear and to set myself a challenge, well actually a double challenge:

I will use my friday sewing class to not only use up some of those little bits and pieces but also to think of new ideas (I mean new to me not to the world, “thinking” includes stealing “finding online”) of how to use up all that scrap fabric and yarn.

To put a little bit of pressure on myself, I am now introducing Scrap Sunday where I will post about it. We will see how long this challenge lasts and how easily I will remember to write a post to a certain deadline. I do work better with deadlines, but the joy of motherhood did make me a tiny bit forgetful….

But back to the actual topic…

what was that again? Oh yes, Scrap Sunday.

So I will post every Sunday. Something about Scrap. Might be the recent project (I made in my Friday Sewing class). Might be something knitted. Might be just a link to a brilliant tip I found online.

So this friday, I took tiny pieces of the fabric that I had left from this skirt to make a little birthday gift for a friend who’s birthday was in June (I said, I am good with deadlines)…. and I failed spectacularly (too busy chatting discussing design ideas if you really need to know)

So let’s talk about that next Sunday and let’s get that series started with … tadaa

The knitted bow

It is probably a well deserved beginner for this series as I have really done many of these. You can use them to decorate children clothes or put them on a hairpin, Alice band or crochet chain and they look super cute. This is also why I encourage people in my knitting classes to knit one of these as their first project. They give you a quick sense of achievement 🙂

I mainly use DK yarn and cast on 20 stitches for my “standard” size. I knit in garter stitch (occasionally moss stitch) for about 20 to 24 rows, cast off, weave in the ends, wrap some yarn tightly around the middle and voilĂ .





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