Scrap Sunday

Maybe I should keep my challenges to once a month rather than once a week as I have to slightly cheat. Again. The Scrap Sunday project I had in mind for this week, isn’t finished yet. So I will have to reuse an old idea. Again. And it is only week 4 or so. But I made this item this week and I used only left overs. So technically it is fine for Scrap Sunday. Just not what I have planned.

Anyway, we are going to a birthday party today, hurray! The little girl seems to be a huge cat fan but has most likely all available cat books at home already so I decided to try to make a cotton bag with a cat applique. That is quite a challenge for me as I am really not good at drawing. So I did a lot of research (online and picture books in our on-site library) and after hours and hours of erasing wobbly pencil lines, there was finally a recognisable cat shape. See, I really need a shape-only applique. I would never be able to stitch or draw a face on that cat. Well, never say never, but not in the next zillion years.

After that it was straight forward, I just followed my own tutorial 🙂


I was a bit worried of the narrow curves when stitching on the applique, in fact I had incredibly low expectations in my own abilities but I exceeded them by miles 🙂


I am in fact so pleased with the result that I will try to draw other shapes (rather than just printing out oversized letters).

I can definitely do hearts. I have done this before. And a star probably. And a duck most likely. And a bunny, I am sure I can get the bunny in my head onto paper. And a butterfly of course. I can definitely do butterflies. And cars. I rather stop here. I don’t want to raise expectations which I am then unable to meet 🙂 .


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