Scrap Sunday: Scrap gifting

This week we were really busy, almost stressed. We had to prepare a birthday gift for a little girl who likes crafting. And what better present could there possibly be than a personalised choice of material from crafter to crafter? Plus mummy gets to write an interesting blog post. So we have spent hours of choosing fabrics from my scraps, cutting them nicely with pinking shears, rolling up tiny balls of yarn, and finally sewing small bags for beads and glass gems. What a particularly nice and peaceful activity! To be enjoyed most with three children, ideally with two of them negotiating carefully an accurate schedule for the sewing machine use and a baby quietly making the most of that time of divided attention to measure the exact length of each thread and arranging a complicated maze with said thread.


Last but not least I contributed something as well and made another personalised gift bag, just like for the birthday party a couple of weeks ago. I am actually quite fond of this one.



I think dark blue for the zigzag is rather ideal, not as hard as black would have been yet still a proper border. As you can see there are a few minor issues, it is quite difficult to go around all these curves and corners correctly with a standard foot because you don’t see where you are going to insert the needle next. So I am considering to invest in a quilting foot to be able to freestyle easily.

Other than that, I have actually used up quite a bit of my scraps this week by making a few pieces of clothing for babies, I might or might not show them to you next week. Plus I made my new favourite piece of clothing for myself. I am just telling you to keep up the tension 🙂


Last but not least, the accidental reversible book bag

I have been asked to make a simple cotton bag that a secondary school girl can use as a book bag in school without being told off for standing out from the crowd. So basically nothing that is not dark blue or black 🙂

IMG_3278As you know, that is slightly too depressing for me. I just can’t do it. So I thought I will put a very nice lining inside to make up for the boring outside.IMG_3279Pretty, isn’t it.

I also made a zip pocket large enough for phone, oyster card and whatever else you need in school. And guess what? Obviously the inside of the pocket needs to be different again.

IMG_3281I know, that is actually getting quite boring for you now.

Anyway, I was very pleased with the result but I was even happier when I finally realised that I had just produced a perfectly reversible bag. Which you know already because you have seen it in the picture. But I only realised it once it was finished. So it can be used with the dark blue outside during the schoolday but with the fancy fabric on the outside for the rest of the day.

It is actually a very spacious bag as it has a 8cm gusset going all the way around it so there is enough room for large folders and I am sure I will make a few more of them and put them in the shop. I will let you know.


The yoga bag story – that project I could not talk about and a give away

“Why is she suddenly making yoga bags? Wasn’t this a knitting blog? What is she talking about?” you might be thinking.

Well, it all started with a request from a friend who has opened his own yoga studio back home. He asked me if I would be interested in making bags which he could sell in his studio. This idea came at the right time. I was just thinking to look for shops in the area who would be interested to sell my (mainly knitted) stuff and I was also considering to expand my range to small make up bags as I would be able to use all those cute printed fabrics creeping out of my fabric boxes.

Now, obviously a yoga bag is not quite the tiny cute make up bag but it was a much more real thing.

So I set to work, went to look for suitable fabrics, made design sketches, asked my friend plenty of practical questions and made a calico bag. I then enthusiastically started to cut out a coated cotton (some of them will be made of coated cotton, some out of normal one) and when I had cut out enough for three bags, I suddenly realised a big mistake in my design: The initial yoga bag had a seam at the bottom of the bag but as you carry it on your bag like a quiver, the bottom of the bag will actually be the exposed side. So in that case, it would be a shame if there was a seam.

I still made one of them up but in the meantime I adjusted my design for the cotton ones and set to work.

If you want to know more about the bags (size, material, process of making one,…, please go to the yoga bag section by clicking on the link in the top menu.

To celebrate the start of this new and exciting adventure, I have several goodies for you.

First of all, I will be giving away the coated cotton one with the back seam.


The fabric itself is waterproof but the seams are not taped or anything. So it will be fine in normal wet weather on your way to your yoga session but it will most likely not keep your yoga mat dry when you were walking through torrential rain for four hours.

Inside, the bag is fully lined and it has a small bag for your phone, keys,… which you can actually remove and take with you (sorry no picture taken)

If you want to enter the competition, please respect the following rules:

1. Everybody who does not live in the same household as me is allowed to enter the competition. (I really do not want my husband to go to his training with this flowery bag).

2. Leave a short comment in the comment box below. This is just to give your name a number.

3. The competition will be open until Wed, 26 November 2014 8am (London time)

4. will then chose the winning number.

5. I will contact the winner by email and inform everybody in a post.

6. And obviously there will be no right of appeal. If you do not trust me or just don’t take part 🙂

For all the others who did not win or are not keen on that particular style, please don’t be sad. I will put my first two other bags in my etsy shop for the introductory price of £15 pounds which will just about cover the cost of the material for one bag.

These will be the introductory offer bags (but please give me a bit of time, I do promise to hurry up – as you can see, for the second one there is still a bit of work to do, not just the listing on etsy 🙂







Scrap Sunday

Maybe I should keep my challenges to once a month rather than once a week as I have to slightly cheat. Again. The Scrap Sunday project I had in mind for this week, isn’t finished yet. So I will have to reuse an old idea. Again. And it is only week 4 or so. But I made this item this week and I used only left overs. So technically it is fine for Scrap Sunday. Just not what I have planned.

Anyway, we are going to a birthday party today, hurray! The little girl seems to be a huge cat fan but has most likely all available cat books at home already so I decided to try to make a cotton bag with a cat applique. That is quite a challenge for me as I am really not good at drawing. So I did a lot of research (online and picture books in our on-site library) and after hours and hours of erasing wobbly pencil lines, there was finally a recognisable cat shape. See, I really need a shape-only applique. I would never be able to stitch or draw a face on that cat. Well, never say never, but not in the next zillion years.

After that it was straight forward, I just followed my own tutorial 🙂


I was a bit worried of the narrow curves when stitching on the applique, in fact I had incredibly low expectations in my own abilities but I exceeded them by miles 🙂


I am in fact so pleased with the result that I will try to draw other shapes (rather than just printing out oversized letters).

I can definitely do hearts. I have done this before. And a star probably. And a duck most likely. And a bunny, I am sure I can get the bunny in my head onto paper. And a butterfly of course. I can definitely do butterflies. And cars. I rather stop here. I don’t want to raise expectations which I am then unable to meet 🙂 .