Rainy days

A couple of weeks ago, a tutorial for a bicycle seat cover caught my eye. I really wanted to make one of these. Which is a problem if you do not have a bike. Well, not a problem but a bit pointless really.

Thankfully then one of my bike owning friends celebrated her birthday and I remembered that post.


I did struggle a bit to sew the side (which is first sewn into a ring) to the top as somehow the length did not match up. I did not want to pin them together as it is not the cleverest idea to put lots of pins into an up until then waterproof material.

But when I finally had the all changing revelation to use paper clips instead, it was easy peasy. (I am – however – considering to take the cutting out bit a bit more seriously next time – there was an issue with the template and the control square not quite having the required size, aaanyway, paper clips are great to hold coated cotton together)


Fabricwise, I can proudly say that I fell into my old pattern:

40x100cm were required, I ordered 1m from a 1.5m wide fabric. Just to be safe.

And just to be even safer, I also ordered another one as well. Same size. You never know.

Lots of Scrap Sundays can be filled with the remnant from this bike seat. Or is it technically not scrap if the left over is bigger than the actual project?

I ordered them at Dots n Stripes, a shop with a small but very nice range of fabrics from some of those German and (I think) Scandinavian (maybe) brands I love. I am really pleased to have found it as obviously delivery times and costs make much more sense.

Another recent birthday make was this pattydoo top – using sensibly bought fabric (required amount only, also at Dots n Stripes)!

IMG_2565So, it has so far been a rather successful week, but there are still a few thousand things to get done. (Did I already mention that I have started a Fashion Course? With homework? Ridiculous amounts of homework? Especially over half term when the children are AT HOME)? And it is only Friday. I better go now. Have a lovely day 🙂





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