Scrap Sunday: Dressed for night and day

I’ve got this custom order for teddy trousers a few weeks ago and could just not be bothered with the whole fiddly concept. But I have finally found the time (and it took two attempts – I hadn’t measured the little fellow and totally underestimated the size of his huge bottom 🙂 )

So, I have this fabric combination since three years precisely (more or less precisely). That had been another request from the same customer: Baby carrier (my idea) with aeroplane pattern (her idea). So now, the fabrics had to be used to make teddy trousers, using the one fabric for the front and the other one for the back.

And before you start laughing at the worn out bear in the picture I’d like to point out that it is actually mine, it just got somehow in the hands of a young teddy thief.

Here it comes:


and from the back…


and front again…


and back again…


4 pictures to show the tiniest trousers ever might seem slightly excessive but I guess it is a case of a biased photographer 🙂

And coming back to the actual subject of using up scrap fabrics: This has probably been the use up of the tiniest amount of fabric so far (for me, not speaking globally) so a well deserved Scrap Sunday project 🙂

2 thoughts on “Scrap Sunday: Dressed for night and day

  1. Very cute trousers. When you first mentioned ‘teddy trousers’ there, I initially thought you meant trousers for a human being with pictures of teddies on them, and I confess that I thought ‘Hmmmmmmm…’ (Apologies if you do actually wear trousers with teddies on them. 😉 ) But then it all became clear, and the ones you’ve made are deeply cute on that little bear.

    • The most important thing first: I do NOT wear, not even own trousers with teddies on them. That would be a step too far even for me and my childish young and colourful taste 🙂
      But I am afraid that the teddy’s aeroplane trousers (that is better, isn’t it) are really too cute. They provoked the next custom order: Muuhum, Olivia (the dolly) reeeally needs more cloths. She hardly has any tops.
      Which is probably true. I often make a dolls skirt (two rectangles, side seams, hem, elastic band – that’s it) out of scrap fabric to match bigger cloths. I simply can’t be bothered with such a fiddly thing like a top. I deeply regret having made those trousers 😉

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