Scrap Sunday – I can’t really tell

IMG_2682I am currently very busy with a big new sewing project but I don’t want to tell until it is finished. Well, until Step 1 of a new adventure is finished.

It includes the use up of a very loved and precious fabric so it is perfect for Scrap Sunday – except that I can not talk about it.

All I can say is that I have this piece of fabric since a few years. I walked past a Marimekko shop and discovered those beautiful finnish designs. I walked straight in to buy some fabric. I had cushion covers for the children’s bedroom planned since a while. When I discovered the price (over £40 a meter, but very good quality also), I had to reduce the planned amount of at least 500m to twice 60cm 🙂

I was very thrifty when cutting out and made two almost normal sized cushion covers and two smaller, rectangular ones. Which left me with two long stripes of roughly 15cm width each. I was always wondering what I could possibly make out of this tiny piece, especially as my favourite one (big round shapes) doesn’t even show the complete pattern anymore, it is cut right through the circles. But I could certainly not throw it away.

Anyway, now, years after, I finally got the perfect opportunity to use one of them as stripy appliques on something I can’t talk about. I will manage to squeeze out two one of a kind special edition examples of my new project and it looks a-ma-zing.

I promise I will show you more in a couple of days. Really 🙂

Oh and don’t forget the coupon code UPDATE11 if you want to get 15% off in my shop until Friday only.


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