Scrap Sunday: Which one is which?

This week I can not actually show a finished project, I will need more time but here is at least a picture to show you how well I am using up scraps πŸ™‚


As you can see, it is not quite enough at the pointy end but I will manage.

As you might remember (or not), I have dedicated my Friday sewing class/club to Scrap Sunday (in order to actually be able to post on Sunday) but as almost everybody else is making a skirt I also wanted to make one. So I am using a fabric that I bought about a year ago in my typical fabric shopping manner:

I go to the shops to buy fabric for a certain purpose (in that case something for my children) and then suddenly something completely different catches my eye. In that case a beautiful burgundy corduroy. So I thought a meter might not be enough (for a possible short dress), 1.50 might be better. Just to be safe. And as it is so beautiful, I then bought 2m as you never know.

So, since a year I have almost a meter of scrap waiting for another purpose. (Is 1 meter x 1.40 really scrap?) – time for a skirt.

And as in my Tuesday fashion course we have been talking about godets (extra piece of fabric, to add volume), I thought some kind of cute patterned fabric might just give a simple corduroy skirt this extra kick. And for that purpose, unfortunately a tiny fat quarter bought on my trip to Oxford a couple of weeks ago seemed the perfect match. I think it is a bit too precious to be used for such a purpose. So, I was really thrifty when it came to cutting. And I even consider to keep this tiny piece here but I can not yet imagine it could be used πŸ™‚

IMG_2691(I used the inch side of my cutting board to make it look more dramatic)

Because of my still secret big project, I will really have to keep the skirt project out of my week and will only work on it on the Fridays, so we will see how long it will take me, but just to give you an idea, this is how I want it to look, well, 8 of these panels.





2 thoughts on “Scrap Sunday: Which one is which?

    • Thank you. I am really curious already. And I do wonder if I manage to wait until next Friday to continue working on it…. I might just sew everything together…. just a little bit.

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