Scrap Sunday: Essentials

I am afraid but today’s Scrap post will only be a link to a brilliant idea of how to use up scrap fabrics.

I had already mentally prepared an incredibly funny pun about having something up my sleeve and this week’s fashion course homework but I am too lazy to talk about different types of sleeves and knitted surface decoration and all this kind of stuff. Will have to be another day.

Anyway, I came across a lovely blog which linked to another lovely blog. They make me both rather jealous as they just prove an impression that I am having since a long time: German speaking blogging world has access to much nicer fabrics than I have here in one of the world’s fashion hotspots. At least when it comes to children’s fabrics. I am now following both of them and the second one, Schnabelinas Welt seemed to have felt my need of a good scrap idea and posted just today about scrap fabric knickers  for her daughter. I think they look amazing and they are a brilliant and perfect idea for me as I had already been wondering what I should be making for my daughter in future considering that she has to wear a school uniform for most of the time when she is awake. Unlike Mr NoThankYou she usually likes the stuff that I am making for her and wears them with joy. So knickers made by mummy it will be 🙂 … Just for her I am guessing, just imagine the life long trauma and hours of therapy for Mr NoThankYou: His mother not only buys his underwear, she is actually making it. We definitely don’t want that to happen 🙂

Have a lovely week and don’t get your knickers in a twist! Thorough information about sleeve types and fashion course progress will follow.

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